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Terraces Of Lafayette Project Passes By 4-1 Vote


By far the most bitterly contested land use proposal to come before the Lafayette City Council in recent memory was passed by a 4 to 1 vote early Tuesday and appears on its way to construction.

The Terraces of Lafayette project was passed despite continued, expressed concerns over traffic and evacuation routes in the event of emergency, Vice Mayor Susan Candell casting the lone dissenting vote.

Council members had expressed additional concern about the possibility of lawsuits dangled for violating guidelines outlined under the state Housing Accountability Act.

With Tuesday’s vote, the controversial 315-unit project finally appears ready for the bulldozer’s first scrapings despite promises of additional legal challenges by at least one local organization.


  1. Should make that area of town pretty near impassable at commute time. Even thought it’s pretty much that way now.

  2. Now if we can just build that sports stadium at the reservoir we can pretty much seal off the city at both ends!!!!!

  3. It appears there was a very good, if not near exceptional, single-family home proposal – which included public amenities! (Dog park?)

    But no. It wasn’t Utopia. A small group (?) wanted something boutique… I dunno, an organic-ceritied student drop-off area?

    So that pursuit of unreachable Utopia results in hilltop density; likely 600+ new cars; visitors; more traffic at key choke points (Pleasant Hill Rd, etc); and the loss of the previous perks.

    Oh well. Painful lesson. Next up, genius Gavin Newsom’s new dense housing at BART?

    • People should insist on going back to that original proposal otherwise, lawsuits, physical protest or whatever is necessary to block it will occur. The developers can’t deny that they made the original proposal and should be willing to go back and accept that as the project. This is the wrong project in the wrong place.

      • The compromise plan was voted down. That ship has sailed. This is exactly what was predicted by all but Save Lafayette.

    • Yes, go back to the original plan proposed. tell them it’s that or nothing or you will block it by every means necessary. Just sayin’ , someone cannot deny their own proposal as something being acceptable.

    • Lawyers can be overcome. Been there, done that. If the people don’t want it continue to oppose it and to whatever is necessary. You live there, they don’t.

  4. I just can’t see a project of that size going in there without substantial impact on the surrounding streets and trip count. It’s tough enough to navigate now. I feel sorry for the people who rely on that route for their commute. Perhaps their companies will let them work from home.

  5. Well…as can (unfortunately) be said of most all of California, Lafayette is a beautiful place, with great weather, but the politicians are doing all they can to ruin it…and if you voted for them, guess who’s fault it is?

  6. This entire area has been destroyed with overbuilding. It is a shame and time to leave CCCo. Been here 71 years and it no longer holds the candle it once did. Keep voting in the Dems and Agenda 21….

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