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BurgAlert: Walnut Creek PD Makes An Arrest

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From Walnut Creek PD:

Walnut Creek Police received calls regarding a male inside a suspicious vehicle associated with a residential burglary investigation. Officers responded to the area (Ed. No precise location provided) and located the vehicle.

Officers contacted Robert Corralejo, and a probation search of his vehicle was conducted. Officers found the stolen property related to this residential burglary inside the vehicle.

Corralejo was arrested for attempted residential burglary, petty theft, and possession of burglary tools. He was transported to the county jail in Martinez.


    • I hear “fake news” these days and figure it’s a relative who just doesn’t want to hear what the words are saying.

      • Assume what u want lol. But your wrong! Try looking him up to see if he’s in custody you will see he’s not.

        • A pretty safe bet since just about everyone is released after being booked these days. You have to be a triple murderer to spend any time in jail.

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