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Stolen Wallet Results In (Credit Card) Charges

Photo: WCPD

Police say a wallet stolen in a Walnut Creek grocery store on July 25 yielded credit cards used a short time later at a local retail store.

Walnut Creek police say the woman pictured here used the card. If you can identify her, please contact Officer Smith at NSmith@walnutcreekpd.com .


  1. When are we going to move to the European method and require a pin for credit card purchases like a debit card? It would certainly stop the spate wallet thefts given the limited amount of cash most people carry.

    • If they require a PIN. they’ll just use the card online or over the phone, instead of showing up in person at Target. Or anywhere else where we’ll recognize the bags. You can’t stop fraud or wallet theft.

  2. Though public health officials’ face covering mandate is certainly a right and proper policy directive, surveillance footage becomes far less useful to investigators when almost everyone dons a mask!

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