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The Battered Batards Of The Digital News Zone


Apologies to any remaining Screaming Eagles for playing with their nom de guerre but it has been hard slogging in the trenches of Digital Journalism lately, with facts proving elusive and sources hard to find.

To those who have written to us requesting information on a possible accident involving a piece of Moraga-Orinda Fire Protection District apparatus during their controlled burn at Painted Rock yesterday, yes, we’ve heard from several people who reportedly saw said vehicle being towed away – but not from anyone in a position to say what happened. We don’t believe anyone was injured. To those who want to talk about Moraga and the Fritzky case – go ahead, you just won’t find many willing to go on the record.

To those of you who have questioned the numbers and methodologies used to track COVID-19’s grip on the county we understand, appreciate your often scholarly approach to deciphering the data, and hope beyond hope that we don’t lose any more good people to this awful virus.

We’ve written about the ongoing and heightened incidence of gaslighting and false-flagging being waged of late, ostensibly by groups aligned with the multitude of factions battling in the streets and in digital chat rooms in an effort to push their respective agendas.

Pro-Trump, Loathe Trump. Police Reform, Support Police, Comet Ping Pong, “Pizza,” “Pasta,” Bill Gates, 5G, The Great Awakening, The Boogaloo, BLM, Open Carry, QAnon…

The issues and conspiracy theories are endless. The players harder and harder to identify, with all of them maneuvering to “crush” the opposition, to “humiliate” those with opposing views. Endless debates are being conducted over crowd size, complicity of the Mainstream Media, Hillary Clinton at the head of a global pedophile ring. And on and on.

It would be nice to think people are smart enough to sort it all out but, frankly, we’re not so sure. We’re reminded of the propaganda leaflets the Germans mortared over our relatives during the war – the ones with the drawings of draft dodgers and black marketeers knotting their ties after leaving the boudoirs of exhausted maidens – presumably the wives and girlfriends of guys freezing their asses off in a filthy foxhole, the inference being that the poor dogface was getting it from both ends and might as well just give up.

Those leaflets are pretty baldfaced examples of the propagandist’s “art,” and are even sort of funny when looked at in the harsh light of 2020. We remember the veterans in the family telling us what they did with them back then, paper being a rare commodity in a combat zone, and the symbolism of the resultant act was oddly satisfying to a trooper with little immediate recourse.

Today, the propagandist can count victory when he or she motivates someone to act in a way that supports their agenda – such as when Edgar Welch entered a family pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong, shot his way into a room where he expected to find the upturned faces of children abused by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and, instead, found a nearly empty computer room.

We don’t know what went through Welch’s mind at that moment, though before he was sent to prison he apologized for what he’d done, as did the primary perpetrator of the too-stupid-to-believe-lie-until-it-became-truth plot line Alex Jones, but the incident only fueled subsequent discussion of Hillary Clinton’s control of a global sex ring.

We do know that some police officers, presumably battered by the current anti-law enforcement rhetoric, are choosing to leave the profession, some submitting their resignations during local council meetings convened to discuss their methods. Some local officials have been stunned to suddenly find themselves without a police chief or sufficient officers as some appear to be looking around and saying: “I don’t need this.”

What this means for us going forward remains to be seen. We would predict changes in police training and tactics, a drawdown in their number, perhaps less militarization. The operative word being “change” here as our world goes through a lot of it – political, economic, religious, scientific.

Those of us here at News24/680 not holding down the fort on a Saturday are preparing a light lunch for those on the job, with emphasis on a delicate bruschetta and light salad. And a little wine. Just a little. We have to keep a clear head when wading through the propaganda.

It’s really all we have the power to do these days.


  1. “If you don’t like the news…go out and make some of your own”
    Scoop Nisker KSAN radio 1970s
    I wonder what Scoop thinks of that idea now.

    Thank you for your attention.

  3. Please use this one. I need to spend more time proofreading

    Since you brought it up, I’m pretty happy that Fritzky was finally charged. Still, I am sad about the fact that it never needed to happen, and I’m sure those who donated generously have learned a hard lesson. Fritzky’s enablers apparently learned nothing as they present themselves as victims (maybe that’s why no one is talking).

  4. “But when – what we just saw – we just left Pleasure.”

    I don’t know if I would have been picking on Sleepy Joe for getting place names wrong after that one – which he did twice, even after he was corrected.

    Waiting for November.

  5. “To those who want to talk about Moraga and the Fritzky case – go ahead, you just won’t find many willing to go on the record.”

    Ah, but there is a public record for this public tax-exempt non-profit. Three years is a long time to not see $250,000 disappear.
    This was not a billion dollar enterprise, and board oversight was not optional in the bylaws. How could $250,000 go missing so easily when it is such a substantial portion of their fundraising?

    “No comment” from the principals would be newsworthy given that many of these same individuals are soliciting funds for covid-19 testing right now. Isn’t that local news? Shouldn’t we want to know who these officers are/were by name?

    News24680 seems hell bent on alerting us to scams. Not all of the scams are from Nigeria. And what has changed at MCF?

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