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BART Shutdown In Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill; Person Under Train

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UPDATE: BART officials confirmed details of this incident and said it was fatal. Pleasant Hill Station has been reopened and service has been restored.

A bus bridge has been established from the Walnut Creek BART station to Concord after a person was discovered under a train in Pleasant Hill.

BART service has stopped between Walnut Creek and Concord on the Antioch Line in the Antioch and SFO directions due to what BART officials termed a “major medical emergency.”

Pleasant Hill station is closed. Mutual aid services with Contra Costa Connection bus 14 services are in place in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Concord stations. Bus 15 services Concord and Pleasant Hill stations.

Witnesses reported seeing a man deliberately jump in front of an inbound train at about 10 a.m. Tuesday.

If confirmed, Tuesday’s incident would be the second of its type in two months, with another person throwing themselves in front of a train May 16.


  1. Was outside when it happened. People came boiling down off the platform and one woman was shaking as if she’d just taken an ice bath. I asked what happened and people just shook their heads and I knew it was bad. Just terrible.

  2. so many people are affected by suicide when it happens. we tend to think its just one — but it’s not. try to reach out.

  3. Our personal demons can be hard to out run. Sometimes they catch up. I’m so sorry. I’ve gotten the call someone is going to get or has already gotten today.

  4. Heard about this here and called my girlfriend to see if she had made it to work. It turns out she saw part of it. All she could say was he jumped, he jumped on the tracks…… Trying to get her home because I think she’s in shock.

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