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One Dead At Walnut Creek BART; Station Re-Opened

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One person has been struck and killed by an incoming BART train at Walnut Creek Station this afternoon.

The station has just been reopened (5:15 p.m.) with full service restored between Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek stations.

The incident, initially believed to have been a suicide, is the culmination of a frenetic day for the system, with witnesses reporting seeing people on the tracks and other incidents on the line in the hours preceding the incident.

BART police have reportedly requested the coroner. It is believed the incident occurred at approximately 2:40 p.m. at Platform 2.

A witness who asked not to be identified said a man appeared to have deliberately jumped in front of an incoming train.


  1. More than 90 thousand known covid deaths nationally, MOST avoidable with an informed response when just weeks of preparation make a Yuge difference. And, how many suicides? Of all the local suicides, what makes this one newsworthy? Disruption of public transportation? Why don’t you report how many suicides there are in the county. We are going to see a lot of desperation now. Boomers going into “retirement” with NOTHING. We are going to hear Happy Talk from the WH, and we are going to see things this country hasn’t seen in 90 years. We are already seeing the heartbreaking food lines. We are going to see Hoovervilles. What is different? We are seeing gun sales rise in the most heavily armed nation on the planet. What could go wrong?

    • We have shared our reasoning when it comes to reporting these deaths. Most are done privately, quietly, and as it would be very hard to link such a passing directly to our current state we would report any spike in such deaths. On an anecdotal basis, we are seeing more, and each one diminishes us…

    • Most suicides will be attributed as covid deaths anyways. Covid is responsible for 99.9 % of all deaths now lol

    • David, kudos to you. I couldn’t agree more with you. As a member of the mental illness community, I want to thank you for speaking out. Tony, I agree, there is absolutely nothing even remotely funny. Certainly not.

  2. There’s a lot of reasons to despair these days. “Never underestimate the amount of effort it takes to lead an ordinary life.” (not my words, a quote whose author I’ve forgotten) On the other hand, if the riding public knew how many suicides occur on average on BART, it might spur them to get ballots up asking for increased mental health spending in their counties.

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