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You Meet Some Of The Nicest People Under Quarantine

"The Kid" - pounding out the words.

Blessed by our less-than-traditional business model and cache of survival food we’ve been getting along just fine during these unusual times, thanks for asking, enjoying our daily contact with friends and readers new and old.

We know we’re supposed to focus on the 24/680 and have been sternly lectured for taking an interest in developments outside our immediate boundaries but, hey, we’re curious by nature.

This has led to some interesting and fulfilling contact with new friends in Santa Fe, Anchorage, and some place called London – hearing from people with past ties to our area or interested in a possible future connection. Enjoyed hearing from you all.

Like most of you we’ve managed to get out and about a bit, taking time to smell those roses everyone’s always talking about, but mostly staying committed to the task at hand and pik-pocking out an occasional story and alerts from the News Bunker.

Staying bunkered has also led to some interesting daytime observations: that for a “national financial news network” CNBC sure has some dodgy commercial pitchmen slinging their wares; that a bird flying over our SolarTube during a rare noon shaving is just a shadow and doesn’t mean we’re having a stroke; and that people, well, are just going to keep doing what people do.

Among the things we’ve advised against doing but which folks insist on repeating: leaving their cars running while they run an errand, inevitably “just for a second” only to return and find it gone; continuing to send large amounts of money to overseas computer scammers who regard America as a fertile hunting ground and Americans as willing victims; and adherence to conspiracy theories so wild they could only have been dreamed up by a Russian GRU computer squad or an LSD-tripping Big Tent preacher.

What did that Einstein cat have to say about insanity again? Anyway…

The Grip of Government Control or Bill Gates or 5G Conspirators – depending on your school of thought – appears to be lessening, with folks heading back to the beaches, beauty salons and bistros. More folks appear to be surviving the virus, much of the pressure on emergency care personnel appears to be easing and although we took a big hit in terms of personal loss attention is shifting to our financial condition as the bill comes due.

We thanked a reader who praised our model as “nimble and responsive” and we thanked them for that, building it that way from the start. As a certain former president said we choose not to “spike the football” over that, though, as we know many others who are feeling deep financial pain.

Along with them, we wait to see who survives this critical juncture in our local and national economy – with more layoffs underway as the first of the month rolls around and the bills come due.

This is not a “house of cards” moment we want to see gather steam, and we’re hoping everyone can get back up and running quickly. Of course, that remains to be seen, as some businesses and sectors may not survive this shutdown.

It looks like we’re doomed to watching more CNBC. It’s one way to gauge which way the nation swings. If only we can get them to limit those My Pillow ads and guys pitching their investment strategies, we’d be happier.

Now, at least, it’s times to go stick our beaks in the rose bushes. It’s a nice day – and there are people to meet.


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