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Kids And Imaginations Running Wild…


Hearing from quite a number of parents out there, running out of things to do to keep their children entertained during this Enforced Romper Room we’re all under. Many are loving the time with the nestlings, finding humor and hope in their observations and childlike approach to things. Others, well, are running out of cool things to do with their brood as well as the energy needed to keep up with them…

Many have also noted the general uptick in speeds on our local highways as diminished traffic patterns have inspired some to air out the family Formula One racer and that is not always ending well. We’re hearing of confirmed speeds in the 130mph range and seeing horrific crashes as a result.

There’s also been a tendency to arm ones self in these sometimes dodgy times and we’re holding our breath on that one as teens have a tendency to show up at mom and dad’s unannounced and that masked person in your Ring camera may be a burglar or an Instacart worker, you just never know. We hope all you gun-toting Yosemite Sams and Samanthas out there hold your fire until you know for sure because that would be a tough thing to have to live with. Speaking of shooting irons, what was with all that hardware out in Michigan yesterday? We mean, my word, what started out as a somewhat misguided protest of lockdown rules turned into a gun show and flag twirling demonstration on the front steps of the capitol building.

Free Speech is a beautiful thing, Call of Duty Brethren, but do you have to practice it while toting enough firepower to re-take Fallujah? What was the actual message Michiganders were trying to send? Jobs… or else?

Locally, yes, there was a report of at least one gunshot out by the Walnut Creek Motel 6 this a.m. and police were out there looking things over. We don’t believe anyone was hit and we wish we could say the same for Richmond, which saw two persons shot yesterday, but we’re still waiting for our personalized police briefing. Neighbors reporting lots of cruisers (the police kind, not the Friday night on North Main kind) and drones and stuff out there this morning.

And if real life police action isn’t enough to keep you occupied it appears some of you are still dreaming up your own scenarios with stray garbage bags and rolls of jettisoned carpet taking on all kinds of meaning. Body parts, murder victims, jettisoned evidence and dark, mysterious “foul smells” that turn out to be – well, garbage. So we know you’re all indoors digesting Netflix content in massive doses but if you’ll allow us to make a suggestion – perhaps more kid flicks and nature programming and a little less Goodfellas, and Murder She Wrote?

That’s not to say the Bad Guys have gone away, sheltering with their own families, nope, they’re out there – drilling safes, raiding pharmacies, and rolling with like-minded homies looking for a score. Danville and San Ramon officers pounced on one such car last night – detaining several people and noting any criminal inclinations among those inside.

But, yeah, even if you’re a bad guy and you get popped during this pandemic it appears the jails don’t want you as local sheriff’s attempt to keep their jail populations and inmate exposure to COVID-19 low.

Meanwhile, the now national debate over what is being called The Big Re-Opening gathers steam, people cutting the locks off gates and fences barring them from once-public spaces as our apparent resolve to obey social distancing guidelines shows evidence of cracking. People want – nay, need – to get back to work and a lethal virus isn’t going to keep them from eating out or getting their hair done. We’re waiting to see which way that one goes, if you don’t mind, as we’ve never especially liked crowds and we’re not eager to pack up with other humanoids anytime soon.

There’s also talk of a small presidential gift coming in the mail but, with the United States Postal Service on its heels, we’re not holding out any hope of seeing it anytime soon. Better to prepare for the worst, we think, so that we’re pleasantly surprised when and if things ever do go our way.

We’ll wait and see. Until then… Excelsior.


  1. If I have to base my actions on what Doctor Fauci says vs what some wackadoodle in an American flag cowboy hat and a machine gun says I think I’m going with Fauci.

  2. Yea so that $349 BILLION with a Big B stimulus package reached only 1.4 Million with an M small business owners. In other words, 95.4% of small businesses got zip….. Wheeeee.

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