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Our Grand Re-Opening: How Open Will Open Be? And When Should Business, Schools, Others Open Their Doors?


Various sectors have been pushing hard for a re-opening of businesses and enterprises that went to ground in the face of the Vile Virus and it appears that our leaders, decision-makers are headed in that direction.

Our question to you today would be: When? And if the doors are thrown open again and we are finally allowed to mingle, what precautions should be taken to prevent another mass-casualty medical event?

Because this thing, in case you haven’t noticed, has shaken us to the very core.

Some of us, perhaps more stand-offish than others and believers in Mister Murphy’s Law, may have prepared themselves for this eventuality some had predicted and to some degree saw coming – better than others.

That’s little consolation as state and local officials struggle to come up with the grim tally of those we have lost, businesses move to adapt to a proven new threat, and governments rattled by a lack of preparedness are handed the Butcher’s Bill for failing to heed the warnings.

While many have enjoyed having their children with them during these relatively short weeks, there is a call to re-open the schools and day care centers and educators are working to find a safe model that works for all. No easy task.

And, of course, business owners with enough resources to ride out this month-long cessation of operations are eager to get the cash registers ringing again. Record numbers of people are out of work, many businesses are shuttered and may not come back, and those able to ride things out are working on how to conduct business in future.

What do you think the New American Landscape will look like after we are allowed to socialize, go out to see a movie or grab a meal in a restaurant again? We know many felt this “pandemic thing” was overblown, some say a conspiracy to – we’re not sure exactly what – and some of those people paid for that belief with their lives.

We’re asking you, The Survivors who managed to keep body, soul, and family together during these few weeks, to play futurist.

What’s ahead for us? Will we take lessons learned during the most extreme medical emergency to rattle the world since 1918 and plan ahead for next time? Or will we discard the lessons of 2020 and fall into our old, familiar habits?

You tell us.


  1. Sorrry but still amaze this country hasnt been able to mount a significant testing method. At this point I get the impression it’s not a case of cant do it but wont do it. Right now we’re just going back and mopping up the hotspots.

  2. Yeaanoooo…. not going anywhere for a while. I agree we don’t have a good idea of who has this virus and how it moves around. I don’t think I’d be comfortable sending the kids back to school JMO

  3. So my bank is closed. My restaurant is closed. The mail comes about once every 3 days and there’s no TP anywhere in the county! Yippee! More cowbell…..

  4. A lot depends upon how long the emperor can continue to distract, delude, and re-direct blame. Still a lot of people he can fire. He has remarkable immunity. Hard to make progress with testing if He experiences rising case numbers as a negative for Him. Can’t go back to work without testing, testing that works. How do I get my adv health directive from the safe deposit with the branch closed??? I forgot to make a copy for John Muir. If and when I need that, I’m gonna need it in a hurry I figure.

  5. If Jack in the Box and Burger King can’t survive in what is theoretically a college town with limited competition, namely Moraga, what are the chances for the white table cloth establishments when limited to 30% seating? Gloomy prognosis for an already desolate shopping/dining zone. Take out pizza anyone? Would you like freshly baked cookies with that?

  6. We were asked to be patient and we lasted about a month. My grandfather was gone for two and a half years in WWII and the country fought that war for five years. The country today is nothing like we used to be — that much is clear.

  7. I think if we start locally, really paying attention to our local COVID-19 cases, listening to local authority acting on those numbers, and starting to support our local economy as it is able to re-open, we will be ok. Get groceries at your local mom and pop shops. Go to pharmacies that are family run rather than CVS. If you are able to get take-out from local restaurants and breweries, do so. Our recovery depends on our ability to think locally and shop locally.

  8. I second the concern that a rush to reopen may prove disastrous.

    That said, I do not know how long the small business that employs me can stay solvent if we don’t reopen soon. I know a lot of other businesses are fairing far worse and that makes me concerned for the country’s economic future.

    If we had easily accessible testing AND a cure, I would be raising the roof to get out of lock down.

    As it stands, we still have a deadly virus, insufficient medical resources, and no cure.

    I was at Target day before yesterday. There was no appreciable social distancing and I saw many people without face masks. Today’s countywide “Cover Your Face” order came as no surprise.

    If at all possible, I vote we stay home until we have a better understanding of this novel coronavirus and can vaccinate against it.

  9. Hey its totally fine with me if you want to go back to work and mingle with others again. I understand. Just please find a way to let the rest of us know your doing that – especially if you are upstream in my supply chain, teaching my kids or taking care of my relatives.

  10. I get that people want to get back to work despite advice to the contrary but if you do go back please make sure to wear those American flag shirts and pants and an I’m Liberated sign so I’ll know to avoid you.

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