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Woman Struck, Killed By Brick Tossed At Car On SR-242 Friday

Photo: Contra Costa CHP

California Highway Patrol investigators are looking for the person who threw a brick at a passing Volkswagen Jetta on SR-242 in Concord Friday night – striking and killing a 63-year-old female passenger.

Officers responded to the SR-242 transition to SR-4 at approximately 9:32 p.m. Friday after being advised of a single-car crash in that area.

Upon arrival, officers realized Margarita E. Ruiz, 63, of Antioch was unconscious and unresponsive after being hit by an object which entered the car through the passenger side windshield.

Life-saving measures were initiated but, ultimately, Ruiz was pronounced dead at the scene. The car’s 20-year-old driver and two girls, age 11 and 13, all part of an Antioch family, were found to be unharmed.

A CHP spokesman said the male driver realized his passenger was injured, pulling off the freeway and calling 911 after the brick came through the window. Bricks of similar description were found near two overpasses along SR242 and investigators theorized that a transient may have thrown one into traffic, striking the Jetta as it passed.

If anyone witnessed this incident, the events leading up to it, or saw anyone within the immediate area, please contact Contra Costa CHP in Martinez at (925) 646-4980. 


  1. When this rat is caught and convicted he or she should be given the death penalty. This nonsense is happening too much, and it is time for the perpetrators get the appropriate punishment.

  2. My God this is the kind of society we live in a grandmother gets killed in front of her grandchildren going home!

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