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“Winnebago Man” Update From Pleasant Hill PD

Donald Campbell

From Pleasant Hill PD:

Just before the news broke of the COVID-19 outbreak, we were called to the area of Ruth Dr near Cynthia Dr for a shooting that had just occurred. With the help of diligent neighbors, officers located the suspect vehicle from the shooting.

We attempted to stop the vehicle but they did not stop. A pursuit occurred ending in the city of Lafayette. The suspect was taken into custody after a brief standoff. The weapon used in the shooting was recovered and the vehicle was impounded. Thankfully, nobody was injured during this incident. 

The suspect, Donald Campbell a 65-year-old Lafayette resident, was arrested and booked into county jail. On March 10, 2020 the district attorney reviewed this case and filed felony charges including assault with a deadly weapon and evading against Campbell. 

Scene captured by a News24/680 reader after Campbell’s RV was stopped – in front of Lafayette PD headquarters.

It is our mission to update you all as often as possible on cases where we can share information. 

Campbell is still in custody at this time. 

Thank you to everyone who called in about this incident and helped us safely apprehend this suspect. Shout out to Lafayette PD for assisting us during the pursuit and stand off helping keep everyone safe.


  1. We should all applaud Donald Campbell for his commitment to helping Lafayette keep up with Orinda and Moraga’s recent strides toward increasing gun violence.

    Orinda still retains its commanding lead as the most dangerous city in the Bay Area, and Moraga is a distant second, but Mr. Campbell spared 94549 from the humiliation of a shutout.

  2. Although this admittedly took a somewhat comical turn it was very serious for people involved as a shot was fired and a police chase did ensue. Unfortunately I don’t think this is or will be an isolated incident. There are plenty of armed and angry people out there.

  3. Is it possible to get his side of the “story”? I can’t imagine what he was thinking, trying to out running police in a RV then pulling out a gun from the wild west days.

    • Believe he’s in custody but if he has computer access he’s welcome to add his side of things to our comment stream – just like everyone else.

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