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State Of Emergency Declared In Contra Costa County

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Contra Costa County Issues Emergency Proclamation

(Martinez, CA) – The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution at its Board meeting on March 10, 2020 for a proclamation of a state of emergency in the County of Contra Costa to deal with the potential spread of novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

The proclamation states that “this Board found that due to the introduction of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), conditions of disaster or extreme peril to the safety of persons and property did exist in the County of Contra Costa commencing on or about March 3, 2020, and therefore the Board proclaimed the existence of a local emergency throughout this county. These conditions, by reason of their magnitude, are or are likely to be beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of this County, and will require the combined forces of a mutual aid region or regions to combat.”

The proclamation states that “this Board requests the Governor of the State of California to proclaim the County of Contra Costa to be in a state of emergency.”

Board Chair, Supervisor Candace Andersen, said, “The new coronavirus or COVID-19 presents our community with a challenge. While I urge you to be prepared, it is certainly not a time to panic. Following our health officials’ guidelines will help prevent the spread of disease. The County and Contra Costa Health Services will continue to offer guidance and resources. Meanwhile, there is much each and everyone one of us can do to keep our families and communities well. It will take all of us working together.”

The Supervisors emphasized that “everyone plays an important role” as they unanimously voted for a county emergency proclamation that will allow our health department to mobilize county resources, accelerate emergency planning, streamline staffing, coordinate agencies across the county, allow for future reimbursement by the state and federal governments, and raise awareness about how everyone can prepare in the event that COVID-19 begins to spread in our community.

“The County and its health department will continue to work with multiple agencies and jurisdictions to keep residents informed during this local emergency,” said County Administrator David J. Twa. “We will continue to take appropriate steps to protect the safety and well being of our employees and the public. We encourage everyone to stay prepared.”

Visit cchealth.org/coronavirus for County Health officials’ latest guidance for the community and resources. For the latest updates, follow Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) on Twitter @CoCoHealth and on CCHS Facebook. Information is also available at www.contracosta.ca.gov.


  1. “……are or are likely to be beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of this County, and will require the combined forces of a mutual aid region or regions to combat.”

    Holy Moly – what am I missing?

  2. There’s a lot we don’t know. They haven’t been testing presumptive cases due to lack of testing kits. They are weeks behind other developed countries in testing. If you suspect covid, your doctor can’t test you for it. You have to be referred to an ER or similar facility with an isolation room. Ridiculous to take an infectious disease into an ER waiting room, masked or not. Germany and South Korea have set up separate temporary places where you can be tested. This system is not designed for an epidemic. Who does the testing when medical staff is quarantined? Where are the test kits? Where is the leadership on this?

    • Hey “anonymous” stop spreading false panic. Your doctor IS the determining authority for you to get tested. That started a couple weeks ago. We are not that far behind other countries, we validated the testing processes more thoroughly, and ee still had an issue when the testing was initially decentralized to state and local entities.

      As fir the rest of your rambling attenpt to incite panic, watch the updates regilary broadcast across the major networks and the congressional testimony on C-SPAN and you kight not be so ill informed.

      RELAX, its a virus and it will pass. This is not the zombie apocalypse

      • I have not declared a state of emergency. That would be the county and state. Panic helps no one, but you can’t contain an outbreak if you don’t know where the hot spots are, and you can’t know that if you aren’t adequately testing. They need to work the problem, that’s all.

        • Also, for those just tuning in, the Grand Princess first brought Covid-19 to SF on Feb 21 when it returned from Mexico and dropped off my family and friends. THEN it sailed to Hawaii to contaminate more people before returning with MORE contaminated crew and guests. Ignorance is not bliss, it turns out. The arrival this week is the SECOND coming of the Grand Princess. Don’t panic. Demand competence and accountability from your health officials.

      • “RELAX, its a virus and it will pass. This is not the zombie apocalypse” The second part is true, however, this is not the flu. This is a NOVEL corona virus to which no one on the planet has acquired immunity except those infected recently. Flu varies from year to year, but there is generally some acquired immunity from exposure to prior flu strains. I do not claim to be a doctor on TV, but those I have heard inform me that there is little to no herd immunity to this new strain which transferred from animal to human animal SUDDENLY. That means it can spread unabated like SARS and MERS. So, it is NOT like something we have seen before, it is novel. Yes, please do consume information from the CDC and other experts on infectious diseases. And stay calm. And, yes, I have actual personal experience to share. Take it or not.

      • C-SPAN for information and direction during a medical emergency? Is that your advice? When I am in the ER, I think I will defer to the ER doctor wherever and from whomever s/he gets the information because MY LIFE DEPENDS UPON THE SCIENCE.

      • My spouse and I and 3 friends circulated freely for 11 days after they exited the Grand Princess Feb 21, and before we were notified that their ship had been contaminated with covid-19. We visited supermarkets, supermercados, Asian markets, a local farmers market, 2 international airports, Napa Valley, San Francisco, and multiple restaurants, and spent several days at my home before we were notified that we might be carrying a highly infectious virus to which virtually no one has immunity. We were on vacation!!! Now having returned to distant destinations on 2 continents, we are told to quarantine in place. WE ARE TOLD DON’T GET TESTED. “You probably have it based upon the circumstances described. Just self-quarantine.” Now, multiply those 4 Grand Princess passengers whom I know personally and intimately by 1000 and what do you get? Blind ignorance. This is not inciting panic. This is reporting what I know. One of us has covid-19 so far. The rest are either ok or UNTESTED. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face.

          • Moraga. Thank you for asking. As it turns out, I have a nasty upper respiratory virus. It’s moved into the bronchi, but I have the meds to take care of it. Be well!

          • Our visiting Grand Princess friend who tested positive for covid-19 got pneumonia. Last I heard, she was going to be ok.

          • Never underestimate the resiliency of an old filipina. She can eat things that will turn my stomach inside out. I have been married to one for almost 40 years, and she will undoubtedly survive a nasty old cuss like me. We are awaiting her test results days later. I think my testing got priority because of my respiratory vulnerabilities. Be well. I think she will be fine, we just don’t have confirmation yet. She is well.

          • Yes. Buckle up. You can’t have positive test results without testing. When this is over, we are going to make the Italian government look good by comparison!

      • 3 TSA workers at San Jose airport tested positive for covid-19. My infected friends and I used the other 2 airports when LEAVING the area. Maybe these TSA guys in San Jose didn’t touch any persons or their belongings or exhale. Who made them get tested anyway? Maybe covid-19 is just like the flu. Just the facts, please, gather the facts. We are a few weeks behind Italy. What is happening there now? Just gather the facts.

    • https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/covid-19-testing/

      idk 0026 tests per 1000 for us, 4099 for S Korea, 1005 for Italy as of March 9. You tell me is this fake news? If so, what are the real numbers? Is US public health leading the world? Is there nothing to discuss? When you type “panic” what do you think that is exactly? Are reports of deaths and infections panic or information? Is the widespread reporting of a shortage of test kits information or propaganda? Is first hand reporting of confusion about how and where to get tested propaganda? Am I a propagandist? a fear monger? because I have close contact exposure to the infection, and I don’t know where to go for information or testing? I’m not a Russian bot. I live in Lamorinda, and this is my experience. I live in a world of facts.

      • I botched the numbers. 26 is per million and the March 9 total is 8,554 tests of 330+ million people. Compare that to 60,761 tests for Italy which has a mushrooming problem for its 60 million people. Congressional delegation from NC (both parties) , a state of 10.5 million, is asking for help. They have 300+ test kits left.

  3. Given the current level of information:
    Prevention better than cure. In fact a mild attack may render you immunity .Not all cases are fatal. Avoid large crowds and close contact cover your cough and sneeze in your elbow.Little kids and older adults are at higher risk. Stay indoors
    focus on information coming from the CDC and medical professionals ignore the politicians.stay well!

    • Does a mild attack on YOU render your elderly or infirm relatives or acquaintances immunity from you? It’s an important question, I think. What is our responsibility to one another? Be well!

  4. The declaration of the state of emergency is all about getting access to state and federal funds. They’re not saying that it’s an actual “run for your life” emergency. This is just the first step that has to be taken to get the money. Don’t panic people. This too shall pass.

  5. Uncertainty breeds panic and much of the uncertainty I’m seeing is coming from the top. The messaging is confusing and often wrong. A major problem is that we have become so conditioned to hearing our leaders lie to us that we don’t believe anything they say.

  6. I have no intention of starting a panic and those you say we are overreacting can believe what they want but the sad fact is that we are just in the opening days of this pandemic. Look to other countries to see how they are doing. And it’s just starting here – we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. We’re simply not prepared for this.

  7. A lot of people are overreacting. If you don’t think buying out all the toilet paper and bottled water at Costco is overreacting, you’ve got a screw loose. Water will still come out of the tap, and you don’t need three months worth of toilet paper at once. And cancelling everything under the sun is an overreaction. So I’m not supposed to attend any event if there are over 50 people there, but yet I go to work daily, and come into contact with a lot more than 50 people. When I go the store, there are probably more than 50 people between employees and shoppers. And cancelling school is ridiculous because young people will still be out in public. where can spread or get the virus. Kids don’t stay in the house all day and night.

    So for those of you that don’t think you’re panicking – so be it. We’ll agree to disagree. Just wash your hands well, stay home if you’re sick and avoid sick people. The sky isn’t falling, and this too shall pass. Life goes on, and yes – the money will come in.

  8. Some people are overreacting and it’s due largely to ignorance but it’s not really their fault — they just don’t know any better and neither do those we put in charge of us. The sad truth is we are tragically underprepared for this sort of eventuality even though many in the medical and health services professions predicted it would come. Many even predicted it would come from China, where the vast night markets and wet markets are really nothing more than bio warfare labs waiting to happen. I believe the government will finally be moved to change the way things are done there after we get out of this but that it will be some time yet before we get out of this. As far as our own lack of preparedness goes if we had spent a tenth of the money we spent developing weapons and stockpiled supplies or built the infrastructure needed during times like this, I don’t believe we’d be feeling the pain we’re going to feel. With medical supplies – everything from vaccines to masks – as with oil, having to rely on someone else to provide us with the tools we need makes exactly no sense. Normally I would say that too will change here but America doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to common sense and we have proven ourselves to be a nation with painfully short memories.

  9. Hey anon. When did you visit local things like whole foods? Traders? Target? Others? Hope you are felling ok. Did they confirm diagnoses yet? Call and demand testing. Do you have kids in moraga schools?

    • I am uncertain of your interest in this. I am hesitant to respond. I will be OK. Buckle up.
      I am also puzzled why my harmless self-deprecating joke about being late for supper was not suitable for posting whilst Daniel’s Holy shit post was just fine. Perhaps the editorial staff can elucidate. With my head still “thick as a brick”, I can still manage to spell illluciidate.

  10. Oh dear dear the Donald is not going to like today’s open on Wall Street. It seems they smell his fear. Agh! Agh! I’m naked!!

  11. It comes as little surprise that COVID carriers would turn up in our communities – after doing some reading of medical efforts abroad I assumed that would only be a matter of time. What shocked me was how totally UNPREPARED we were for this eventuality — even though it had been forecast to happen for years.

  12. @Sharon: That person is from the east bay and spent a few days at our house but is quarantined outside the continent at present.

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