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Overnight Action: Kwik Robbery At Kwik Stop; Last Call For Alcohol; Blazing Guitar Work


Foggy night overnight… and there were things happening.

Lafayette’s finest turned out to search much of town after a reported armed robbery at the Qwik Stop store on Golden Gate Way just before midnight.

In keeping with store branding the heist was – kwik, with a white male in his 20s entering the store around 11:40 p.m. and brandishing a pistol. Flash subscribers reported a substantial police search effort at the store and other parts of town as officers searched for the robber, who we believe got away.

There were, as might be expected, some parties raging in the area as folks got together to let off a little steam. There were, however, also some close calls with alcohol and other ingestibles and some folks are waking up with poundy heads this morning, we can imagine.

But at least they’re waking up. We’re glad of that, even if the neighbors are still a little pushed out of shape that someone threw their patio furniture in their pool.

Being human and all, some libidos were also working overtime last night – with couplings taking place in public and, in some cases, drawing attention. A couple in Concord may have set a new record for holding your breath underwater after putting on a water ballet of their own in the hot tub of their apartment complex and, yes, apparently there is video of that.

Let’s see… other “public spaces” included: cars (kinda boring, we know, but any port in a storm, we guess); flower beds (too prickly… and bugs); and one we though fairly inventive – a downtown rooftop – good for privacy and romantic views of the night sky, we would think.

So, G’Morning, Young Lovers, Whoever you Are – hope you had a good night, and didn’t tear up the car.

While some New Loves were blossoming, others were coming to an end, apparently. A Facebook reader checked in, relaying the tale of a young woman whose live-in boyfriend of 2.5 years opted to break up with her digitally – sending her a picture of himself with his new, apparently very affectionate “friend.”

There was a comeuppance of sorts as the jilted half responded with a digital image of her own – her dousing her former boyfriend’s prized Fender guitar in Kingsford lighter fluid and setting a match to it.

All’s fair in Love and War, right? But, hey, you touch our guitars, all bets are off.

Have a good Sunday… and, yes, Lafayette PD is investigating a possible burglary at the Diamond K store on Mount Diablo. We’re hoping the thief or thieves didn’t make off with that chunk of Montana bluestone we’ve had our eye on. Cheers!


  1. Fri morning I saw 3 police vehicles and 1 ambulance at Orinda BevMo parking lot and then 3 add’l emergency vehicles from Moraga passed me on Moraga Way headed to the scene apparently. Bad accident? Didn’t make the news I don’t think.

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