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The Morning After Report: High-Speed Crash In Moraga; Rude Entries In San Ramon

"The Kid" - pounding out the words.

The question on several folks’ minds in Moraga this morning: If a pickup truck runs from police and crashes into a pole at 90mph, does it make a noise? The answer is: heck, yes, but it’s amazing what some folks can sleep through.

An MPD officer on routine patrol on Moraga Road noticed said pickup truck rolling southbound at around 2:30 a.m. when it suddenly accelerated towards Moraga way. The officer tried to “light up” the truck but it kept rolling, reaching speeds estimated at 90mph before the officer pulled away, possibly out of fear of jeopardizing pubic safety.

But momentum was in play, apparently, as moments later the officer came across the crash site at Moraga Road and Alta Mesa Drive – the driver nowhere to be found.

Police called in dogs with special sniffers to help them search but, as of this writing, but the driver was not immediately located. About an hour later, however, firefighters and police were called to a location near the Valle Vista Staging Area to tend to a person believed injured in the Alta Mesa crash.

There was no immediate word on their condition.

Also this morning, we’re checking with folks at San Ramon PD after neighbors there told us of some unwanted visitors entering their homes overnight. We Flashed what we knew at the time but a canvass of area surveillance cameras may have turned up images of an SUV the raiders may be using – for last night at least.

From what we can gather, there were 3 burglaries in the city overnight with lots of folks angry about the recent spike in property crimes. Some are planning to air their grievances at an upcoming City Council meeting and, apparently, police will be reporting an unhappy spike in property crimes.

Of course, San Ramon has not been singled out for this unwanted attention, as neighboring cities and towns are also feeling the pain.

We’ll post more when we have it.


  1. They weren’t injured in a ninty mile hour crash into a traffic light and ran a couple of miles into Canyon? Give me some of what they’re having…..

    • We know, right? As we’ve said, fear and adrenaline make a potent cocktail. It can shave seconds off your personal best race time…

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