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Masked Would-Be Burglar Touches Off Police Search In Danville Tuesday

Photo: Office of the Sheriff

An unsuccessful burglary attempted prompted a major police response Tuesday after officers turned out to help catch a masked man interrupted while trying to enter a home on Lomitas Drive.

Danville Town spokesman Geoff Gillette confirmed the Danville police responded to the 100 block of Lomitas after a resident reportedly spotted a man trying to enter his backyard wearing a ski mask.

The surprised resident apparently scared the masked man off, Gillette said.

The suspect was seen getting into a dark colored sedan driven by another male.  Officers searched the area using K9, drone, and helicopter units, but the suspects were not located. 

No further description of the suspects are available at this time.


  1. The masked gangs are still out there and in full force. I have to wonder if it’s the same gang members that were arrested for the home invasion in Pleasant Hill a couple of weeks ago. I say this because there was absolutely no information on the two suspects arrested (there were four (4) culprits) nothing; no booking photos no follow ups, no details on how these perps were apprehended. Very concerned as I have checked all media and found local TV stations beaming that two of the four were apprehended and nothing at all to follow. A neighbor on Next Door contacted Pleasant Hill “police relations” ( my word) said that one suspect transferred to another district on pending charges and the other held for DA to determine if charges apply. Help me! The press tells my neighbors two arrested but really, what has happened?!? Nothing! And my neighbors need to know. Do you know?!?

    • Morning, Shelly… great question! And one we have been asking for the many number of years we have been covering “The Dance,” our term for the maelstrom world of cops, courts, cons, deals, privacy, censure, and story spiking that we seem to have inherited.

      In short, we totally understand your frustration – feel it ourselves, wonder what “the truth” is or if it even exists and find that in a lot of cases it is hedged, manipulated, often disregarded or repackaged and sold as something else entirely.

      As scribblers, on the outside looking in and hoping to find something close to the truth if not the actual facts, we have found them elusive. We are also aware of a tendency to manipulate stories and “the facts” in favor of institutions and entities entrusted with them. We have seen case details, news of arrests released to great fanfare, only to find the case itself quietly dismissed along the way. We have been told to “let things go” and to “stop asking questions” and to “back off” items we have reported in the past and, as we take a pretty straightforward approach to reporting these things, we often ask ourselves why this is being done.

      How have we gotten here? We have only to look at events breaking this very morning to see how the courts, the law, and justice itself can be manipulated – or simply changed by decree. Is it frustrating? Yep. Confusing? You bet. We wish the answers were easier to find instead of being harder and harder to mine and report to the people who matter most – the public. But they’re not.

      Boiling it down: there are bad people out there unafraid of cameras, alarms or jail who are perfectly willing to do bad things to good people. We’ll have to see how much longer the good people are willing to put up with it before demanding that things change, and if people in power allow that to happen.

  2. We know a lot more about crime than we did years ago, thanks to social media, 24 hour cable news, etc. We don’t need to know every detail of every single crime that was committed. It would drive the average person insane.

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