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Fire Destroys Vacant Home On Belmont Court In Pleasant Hill Friday


Fire destroyed an unoccupied home on Belmont Court in Pleasant Hill Friday, with this site fielding dozens of calls from motorists and nearby residents who saw the smoke and flames.

Calls of fire in the area began to come in at 4:33 pm. The building was a single family residence that had not been completed or occupied, according to a fire district spokesman.

Neighbors expressed concern about the proximity of Friday’s blaze to another home next door that caught fire and burned on February 4, causing extensive damage to the structure.

No one was reported injured in either blaze. The cause of the blaze remains under investigation.


    • Hi…and thanks, yes… our Flash subscribers found out about this about three minutes after it broke out! We had tons of calls and thank you for your post!

  1. Two houses on Belmont Ct. in the same month, less than 2 weeks apart? That’s suspicious.

    Dave – the article says the house that burned is on Belmont Ct. – not Whitfield Ct. (the house for sale). Are you sure it’s the same house?

    • Yes it is actually off of Whitfield Ct,

      The Fire department had a tough time getting to the property this is why they entered off of Belmont Ct.

      This house has been vacant for years. It was quite run down I am not quite sure why they stopped building it it was about 4000 sqft.

  2. Who says “I don’t think this is a coincidence.” on the video? If it is, it’s a really really strange one.

  3. Nearest fire hydrant over quarter mile away. FD had to lay large, long hose up hill to feed pumper trucks up in court from hydrant. Driveway off Belmont Court to houses very narrow so FD had to pull fighting lines up that too.
    How close is a hydrant to your home?

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