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Moraga’s Mystery “SignBirds”: Who’s Building The Bird Condos?

Photo: The Eng Family

A casual conversation with one of our Flashers – The Eng Family – led to this local observation and mystery Tuesday: “Who’s the suburban Geppetto carving out extravagant housing for our feathered friends?”

“Basic bird accommodation – peaked roof and gable…”

The Engs took note of the accomplished craftsmanship and began to keep an eye out for others after spotting their first clamped to signs along Larch Avenue in Moraga as well as the Lafayette end of the Lafayette-Moraga trail – which, as most Trail Pounders know, is a favorite haunt of local wildlife fanciers.

“Peaked roof with thatch, rounded portico and picket fence…”

Now, we know we run the risk of bringing these to the attention of civil servants who have objected to the presence of similar Gnome warrens and Owl Barns in other cities (too distracting, improper use of civic property – hogwash!) in the past but we’re hoping our local government people will choose to look the other way or just join us in admiring the craftsmanship of these avian condos. Plus, we’ll lead any effort to keep these high-rises in place!

“Open floor plan, granite countertops for easy shelling, custom made bench…”

There’s a housing shortage in these parts as we all know.

We’ve included some of the Enquiring Eng Family’s pictures and think you’ll agree these aerial abodes occupy a space all their own, with fanciful porticoes and arches and architectural touches we would, frankly, like to see on our own shelter.

“Custom home with professional masonry, porch, resident bunny…”

So, if this Neighborhood Geppetto chooses to remain anonymous we get it. We’ll just say we’re admirers of your work. If you come forward, that’s cool, too – it would be nice to put a name and face to our local BirdSigns.


  1. The local craftsman was outed and thanked profusely by many neighbors on my Nextdoor site. He is very humble about it all – but happy that he has seemingly brought joy to so many. I love the basketball house on Saint Marys Road in front of the college ❤️

    • Thats great but instead of a limited answer to a defined neighborhood group how about sharing the information with a larger audience base since the craftsmans work seems to be spreading. It has been suggested there are others doing the same thing so there may be more than one “Gepetto!”.

      • I do not feel it is my place to share his information, but I have shared the article with the site. If he wishes to come forward, that’s up to him.

    • I live in Lamorinda. I don’t know who it is. I guess some of us didn’t get the memo. It doesn’t really mattter as far as I am concerned as long as they continue — we need more whimsy in the world right now.

      • His name is Greg Moeller. An article was ran In Lamorinda Weekly several years ago. I guess some of us read Lamorinda publications.

  2. Such things are big back home – where an artist or local crafts person will turn a knot hole into a tree into a troll hole or elaborate sparrow family tableau. Some of them are ingenious and really brilliant. My favorite right now is The Gumspot Man — a guy who goes around painting multi million dollar paintings on gumspots at train stations. Amazing talent.

  3. We’re lucky to have someone like this among us. Most people today think tossing an old pair of sneakers over a phone line is dressing up the neighborhood.

  4. for years these type of houses have been gracing Lafayette signs as well. They are great conversation pieces! I hope everyone enjoys them as they will probably spot new ones all over town.

  5. What a beautiful idea! Government should not discourage beautification and creativity like this. This makes the community a better place to live.

    • agree. and I don’t think anyone is objecting to these thankfully. they do bring a lot of character to the neighborhoods.

  6. I understand two sophomores are living in the one in front of the college — little cramped but part of the whole tiny house thing.

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