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Felony Charges Filed Against Alamo-Orinda Burglary Suspects

James Lipston, left, and Devaughn Cooper. Photos: Office of the Sheriff

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office has filed five counts of first degree burglary against 57-year-old James Lipston of Clayton and 25-year-old Devaughn Cooper of Clayton. This comes after Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff detectives presented the case this morning.

The Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation after detectives were able to connect a recent burglary in Orinda to an attempted burglary in Alamo. The Investigation Division, along with the specialized patrol unit J-Team, were able to identify Lipston and Cooper as the suspects, as well as the vehicle they were using. They were linked to at least six residential burglaries in Alamo and Orinda.

On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, detectives began surveillance of the suspects. On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at about 1145 AM, detectives arrested them in the area of Kaitlin Place and Court Lane in Concord. Lipston and Cooper were arrested as they exited a residence with stolen property.

Both were booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on charges of residential burglary. Cooper is being held in lieu of $250,000 bail. Lipston, who is on parole, is being held without bail.

Detectives later executed a search warrant at the suspects’ residence in Clayton. During the search of their vehicles and residence, a large amount of stolen property was recovered, in addition to a significant amount of narcotics. Detectives believe Lipston and Cooper may be responsible for numerous other burglaries. The Sheriff’s Office is now in the process of attempting to return the stolen property to the rightful owners.

Anyone with any information on this case is asked to contact the Investigation Division at (925) 313-2600. Tips could be email to: tips@so.ccounty.us. Anonymous voice messages could be left at (866) 846-3592.


  1. “In addition to a significant amount of drugs.” And to those of you who are in favor of legalizing drugs (any drug) this is drug related. Addicts feeding their drug addiction. You voted for it.

    • Right. That’s the problem in society: weed. You do understand that heroin and cocaine are illegal still right? Or did we legalize that too?

      Your law and order mentality doesn’t work. We had three strikes and you know what it led to? A criminal justice system that was paralyzed because every defendant wanted a jury trial.

      Get law degree and some knowledge of the justice system before repeatedly making the comments in response to every single crime-related post.

      • I’m entitled to MY opinions, and if you don’t like my law and order mindset over your soft on crime liberal mindset – DON’T READ MY COMMENTS. We clear?

          • Folks need history lessons. 28 years from 1983 to 2011 – all Republican governors, save four years. This state is not liberal and never has been. If you want to understand where we are, look at who led us.

        • And I have every right to call out your repetitive call for solutions that do not work. That’s the beauty of the internet; I can do that all day and your all-caps shouting won’t make a difference to me. You can do what makes you feel good, or do what works. Your choice.

          • And Cooper (age 25) has been arrested 22 times since 2015. Including elder abuse, domestic violence, robbery, burglary, etc. Only in liberal CA would he be out of prison. Unless progressive liberals didn’t convict him. which wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Only liberals could ruin a once beautiful state like CA.

          • Interesting comment… we’ve been looking for a way to address the current/apparent love/hate relationship with our home state, even had some music picked out for today, but opted to leave it alone as so many friends and family members have chosen to pack their wagons and hit the trail for greener fields. It’s hard for us… we’ve been here a long time.

          • CA is still a beautiful state, except when it comes to crime. A lot of us are angry (when it comes to crime) in CA. If you’re okay with Prop 47, AB109, etc. and all the other bleeding heart laws you’re part of the problem. When CA was tough on crime (three strikes, etc.) we were better off.

            And education. CA used to be at the top when it came to education, and now were at the bottom – right there with Louisiana and Mississippi. Unless you live in an affluent area.

            Traffic, cost of living, etc. is always listed as reasons for leaving CA. Maybe people leave because they’re tired of criminals having more rights than the rest of us. In this state, they do.

            I might be ticking off the liberals, but everything I’m saying is true. The truth hurts, and too many people can’t handle the truth.

        • CA wasn’t liberal years ago. It was a moderate state. CA is now one of the most liberal states. If you don’t think CA is liberal, why did residents of CA elect Newsom. Who else would elect Newsom, Becton or any of the other far left people that are elected in this state. Not all residents are liberal because only 20% of US are liberals. Thank goodness.

          To say that CA isn’t a liberal state is ABSURD.

  2. I’ve lived around the world and in many of the states people appear to be escaping to and I’ve got news for those leaving – there’s crime and traffic and other issues there too. We may be leaving the Bay Area, but we’ll be staying in California. It will take more than these two creeps to chase us out. A big quake maybe, or more fires – but we’ll cross those bridges when we come to them.

    • Most welcome, Marybeth. Our Flash Manager is currently ill with the flu and we’re only slipping pancakes, crepes, and some of the thinner fish dishes under his door but we’ll get your message to him! It’ll make him feel better!

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