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Concord Pair Arrested For Package Thefts In Danville, Walnut Creek

Early Christmas Shopping. Photo: Danville PD

On December 9, 2019, at 2:48 p.m., Danville Officers received a call from a resident on the 200 block of Promenade Lane regarding a subject stealing packages from the resident’s front porch. The resident was not at home, and was witnessing the theft via their doorbell camera.

The resident provided the police with a description of thief, the thief’s vehicle and the direction of travel once the theft had taken place. Responding officers were able to locate the suspect vehicle, the thief, the getaway driver, and stolen packages. Officers have identified some of the packages as having been stolen from Danville and Walnut Creek.

Arrested were:

Alejandra Rojas, 25 Concord, was arrested for petty theft, conspiracy, possession of dangerous drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Omar Panduro, 34, Concord, was arrested for grand theft, conspiracy, and three violations of his felony probation.

Both were booked at the Martinez Detention Facility.

Chief Allan Shields would like to credit the resident reporting the crime for acting quickly and providing detailed information to the police department. Officers were able to act quickly on the information provided, arrest the thieves and return stolen property to several residents in the San Ramon Valley. Chief Shields said this is a great example of how having doorbell cameras, and taking other safety precautions can help prevent crimes, or help catch the criminals after the fact.


  1. Excellent work again, Danville PD! And great work alert citizen! Danville has a great, proactive Police department, which the citizens fully support! One of the reasons Danville is so desirable.

  2. I wonder though, if this duo will do any jail time,or be back on the prowl well before Christmas. I’m sure the Bay Area ‘justice’ system will refuse to prosecute- because they’re ‘poorer immigrants’ who are only ‘trying to provide for their families at Christmas’.

  3. Omar Panduro was arrested in March, 2019 for vehicle theft. He shouldn’t be on felony probation. He should be in prison. Criminals constantly commit more crimes while on probation and parole, and it’s time to do away with probation and parole too. Let them serve their sentence in prison where they belong. No prison time for felony vehicle theft is absurd.

    If he didn’t do any jail time for vehicle theft, they won’t jail them for this. Unbelievable.

    • A policeman once explained to me that parole is like a hammer over their head keeping them behaving properly. If they break parole they go straight back to jail. No court time, etc. Otherwise there is nothing to keep them from behaving badly, because getting caught and going through the court system isn’t as scary apparehtly

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