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Busy Night In The 24/680 Friday: Whirlies Whirling; Burglars Come Calling; Laptop Snatching

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Hopes for a quiet Friday evening in the 24/680 (“The Numbers”) were dashed early on as our antique switchboard began to light up with calls from people unfortunate enough to run afoul of ne’er do wells at work.

Things got underway early with an air and ground search for a man wanted for an outstanding warrant took to the hills above Richmond, triggering a call for the sheriff’s helicopter as police units on the ground picked through rough terrain in an effort to locate him.

Air and ground assets were closing in on this person when we were alerted to an extensive search for suspects wanted in connection with an electronics theft at a Concord Starbucks, suspects fleeing into a nearby parking garage and prompting yet another extensive police search in that city. Several people were located and detained in connection with that crime.

Our laser-like focus shifted southward minutes later as calls and emails began to arrive questioning police activity in San Ramon and, minutes later, in nearby Danville.

With our sticky-backed “Junior G-Man” badges firmly in place we began to suspect the presence of at least two and possibly more burglary crews entering homes and cars and – in the common thread to the evening – snatching more electronics from unsuspecting coffeeshop patrons.

A quick search of our outgoing Flash Alert log detailed a “significant” break-in at a home in the 3000 block of Sombrero Circle of San Ramon and, yes, it appeared to be in line with methods used in past weekend burglaries of local homes. The thieves appeared to be going after jewelry and electronics, in particular.

At around 9:15 p.m. a young man working on his Apple computer at the Danville Starbucks on Hartz Avenue had that work interrupted when two black males wearing hoodies and bandanas snatched the device, escaping in a “black, 4-door sedan” with a third suspect waiting behind the wheel.

At around 10:20 p.m. (times given here are our times, we’re sure the Real Police have their own logs) we were made aware of an apparent burglary at a home on MacKenzie Place in which three people made entry but were scared off when confronted by the occupants. We don’t believe anything was taken in this incident but the home’s occupants were apparently shocked to find three perfect strangers inside the residence.

Minutes later an additional car burglary was reported on Hartz Avenue and it appeared that some bad people had set their sights on Danville-San Ramon.

Our reports are based on civilian input and are, it should be noted, made in the heat of the moment. We’ve weeded out some excited/superfluous info and will certainly update this story with any official word from police should we get any.

Thanks to everyone who reached out to us on a busy night in The Numbers.


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