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Fifth Person Dies Of Wounds From Orinda Halloween Night Shooting


A fifth person – 19-year-old Oshiana Tompkins of Vallejo/Hercules – has died of wounds received during the Halloween Night shooting at an Orinda house party.

Tompkins died overnight at a local hospital.


  1. This should not be happening. Wanton violence. Tragic loss!
    Thanks for the poppies.
    There is something very simple, very peaceful, and very beautiful in a field of golden poppies.

  2. I’m waiting for more information from Police. They must have dozens of eyewitnesses interviewed at thing point, plus video from phones and the “Ring” doorbell camera. Selfishly, because I want to feel safe, I’ll admit to hoping the root cause is a pre-existing “beef” against a specific target and not just a crazy guy with a gun crashing the party to kill for no reason. Only slightly less horrific, since presumably most of the victims were bystanders. But I just don’t want to believe that this incident indicates an increased risk of similar events in Orinda in the future.

    • Chris, I don’t have any info from the police, but I would think it’s safe to say it’s a “pre-existing beef against a specific target.” It’s the way they roll in the hood. How would he even know where Lucille is if it wasn’t for the fliers on social media? And even if he was aware of Lucille Way (GPS) how would he know there was a party going on? Unless your neighbors are having “thug fests” you’re safe in Orinda. Granted, anything could happen anywhere. But I believe this was targeted. Sadly, this happens all the time in the inner city, and the inner city lifestyle was brought into Orinda through Airbnb.


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