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Moraga Gets A Rude Awakening Thursday; Power Outages, Internet Outage – And Then The Fire


In a cavalcade of failures and occurrences Moragans were alternately plunged into darkness (if they weren’t already in bed at 11:05 p.m.), separated from the outside world when many lost Internet, and were sent honking and yelling into the street after fire broke out on Merrill Circle at 12:54 a.m.

In a “when it rains, it pours” environment, Moragans were ushered out of the Sanders Ranch neighborhood and directed to emergency shelters at St. Monica’s Church, Moraga Safeway, and other collection points around town.

No immediate cause was given for the blaze, which consumed dozens of acres and pushed up against homes – including Janet Brady’s home on Merrill. She caught this video snippet before evacuating.

Moraga-Orinda Fire Protection District officials said Thursday: “The cause has not been determined. The fire is still being investigated by CAL Fire, MOFD and Moraga PD. We will try to have a determination as soon as possible pending the full investigation.”

Bit of a trying time for a town most used to dealing with creeping Sink Holes and the occasional mudslide.


  1. Moraga PD, MOFD, CoCoFire, CalFire and the other mutual aid agencies did a great job with the Sanders Ranch evacuation and knocking down the fire.

    It was good to see our Police and Fire Chiefs out here *personally* at zero dark thirty, taking care of us.

  2. My sympathies to my fellow evacuees. As for the PGE strategy of telling us that a 24-36 hour “wind event” might last 5 – 7 days as passive aggressive punishment for our pushing back against their underfunding of basic maintenance FOR DECADES…Go FY! Actual outage 19 hours 20 minutes. But don’t take it out on the wo/men in the blue trucks!

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