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Another Katana Off The Street – Concord PD Disarms Wannabe Ninja

Photo/Annotation: Concord PD

On Tuesday, the Concord Police Department arrested a burglary suspect in downtown concord who was carrying a samurai sword at the time of his arrest.

Concord Police said an observant officer (on only her second unsupervised day on the beat) recognized the suspect and made contact, placing the suspect under arrest and confiscating the replica Japanese longsword. Further search of the suspect revealed the stolen property from the business, according to police.

Officer Wilkens. Photo/Annotation: Concord PD

Neither the suspect or victimized business were identified, but police said the building was burglarized in the nighttime hours and the suspect was captured on video. All property was returned to the business owner.

Police further gave a Social Media “way to go” to the investigating officer “Wilkens.”


  1. Wonderful job new Concord police officer! We thank the police for all their efforts to keep us safe.! Sadly though, I’m sure a liberal California judge has already turned this criminal loose onto the streets to prey on us again. There’s no more real Justice in the state. Criminals are given a free pass, while the honest law-abiding citizens are the ones that suffer.

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