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Concord Man Gets 70 Years To Life For Molesting Child

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Martinez, Calif. – Last Friday, Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Lewis Davis sentenced defendant John Benny Gomez of Concord to 70 years to life in state prison. Last year, a jury found defendant Gomez guilty of nine felonies, including the molestation of a female victim, Jane Doe, under the age of 10.

The criminal conduct by Gomez also included forcible oral copulation against Jane Doe and showing the victim pornographic images on his phone. The District Attorney’s Office does not disclose the age or victim’s name in a sexual assault case to protect the confidentiality of the victim.

The criminal conduct occurred in January 2018 at a residence in Concord. The defendant was in a position of trust with the victim. He committed the attack in a remote location at the residence and used force multiple times against Jane Doe. Fortunately, a mandated reporter at the victim’s school conveyed the attack to authorities, which promoted a criminal investigation.

The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Diana Weiss with the Office’s Sexual Assault Unit. Concord Police Department was the lead law enforcement agency during the investigation. The trial lasted 24 days in June and July of 2018. 

“The victim in this case is an innocent young girl. She did not ask for this. She was incredibly brave during this entire process. The defendant continues to this very day to not show any remorse or admit any responsibility for the horrific crimes he committed. I also want to express my deep appreciation for the jury in this case. The jurors heard ample evidence that the defendant was the sole person responsible for his criminal conduct,” said DDA Weiss.

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