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Bad Apples: Walnut Creek Police Looking For This Trio After Sunday Apple Store Theft

Police say these three stole a number of iPhones from the Walnut Creek Apple Store Sunday. Photos: WCPD

As we reported Sunday, three females entered the Apple store on S. Main St. in Walnut Creek and stole 16 iPhones, reportedly shoving an employee on their way out of the store and fleeing in a silver 4-door Honda Civic.

The suspected getaway car…

Investigators said a male suspect waited behind the wheel of the car while the theft was made. If you can ID these subjects Officer Bertolozzi at tbertolozzi@walnutcreekpd.com would like to hear from you.


      • Sorry- did not see pic when email alert came thru on smart phone …but picture came thru now on my tablet. Question: aren’t Apple products coded to where they can be tracked when they’re activated? If so, why isn’t this detering all the thefts from Apple stores?

        • Not a problem, GT, wanted to make sure everything working properly on our side. As for Apple, there’s a spirited discussion underway on our Facebook about this. Consensus is yes, you’re right about the anti-theft tech, but it doesn’t seem much of a deterrent. We’d like to know why, perhaps a law enforcement officer could fill us in on after-market demand!

  1. Curious question. If you are a shopper inside an establishment, and this happens, are you legally allowed to attempt stopping an individual? I’m talking about a situation that it is absolutely obvious they are stealing, not just assuming they might be. Situation like this or like the Lulemon thefts. I know that companies usually fire employees who physically intervene, but what about citizens?

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