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One Dead In Fiery Orinda Crash Thursday

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A series of crashes in both directions of Highway 24 Thursday ended in death for an unidentified woman whose car was found crashed and burning westbound just west of the St. Stephens Drive onramp.

Police and firefighters were kept busy locating a number of reported crashes in the area at around 8:57 p.m., a caller alerting authorities to a Honda Civic off the highway, a “flicker” of fire creeping from the car into the adjacent bushes.

The car was fully engulfed as firefighters and CHP officers arrived and determined that a person may be inside. That individual – described only as an “adult female” pronounced dead at the scene. Coroner’s officials arrived at the scene late Thursday to recover the body and begin the identification process.

Reports that a car was seen driving erratically on the highway moments before the crash could not be immediately confirmed, nor was it known if it was the car that ultimately crashed.

The stretch of Highway 24 has been the scene of several recent crashes.


  1. It is getting so bad to drive lately. It makes me very nervous when I know my friends or family are on the road.

    • Morning, Greg, you’re in our heads (and other offline conversations) this morning as we were just discussing that very thing with other readers. If we were to hazard a guess we would say it’s because that area is sort of a natural collection point, with extended on and off ramps that make it appealing to those looking for a spot to pull over, etc. – but lately it has certainly seen more than its share of crashes and other incidents.

    • … and, incidentally, we’d sure like to hear from any LEOs or fire department folks who have had to respond to these incidents… their insight is always welcome here.

  2. A series of crashes in both directions of Highway 24 (to me) is tunnel related. Along with the skills (or lack thereof) of the driver.

    • Mmm, we could see your point for crashes in Wilder, Fish Ranch etc. – and do see an awful lot of incidents there, too, but St. Stephens is far enough down 24 – in our opinion – to take the tunnel out of the equation.

      • Some people get nervous driving anywhere near a tunnel, and their anxiety takes over. Same thing happens near bridges. If you don’t get that anxiety (I don’t) be thankful.

        • That’s very true… we had an uncle who was a Big Rig driver and he absolutely hated crossing our local bridges because his positioning enabled him to see over the sides. Made him extremely uncomfortable.

  3. How terrible and tragic and so so sad for her family and friends. So sorry to hear this but we did grow concerned as soon as we got your flash alert last night, It sounded very very bad and it turned out to be that.

  4. We were heading east. There were a lot of brake lights and it was pretty clear something had happened. Saw nothing else. RIP to the victim

  5. How terrible, we knew her! My daughter’s friend since middle school! 🙁 is still hard to believe how did it happen!! Cassidy God have in Glori now! Praying for your family to find the comfort of this pain.

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