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Walnut Creek Police Release Video Of Officer-Involved Shooting Of Miles Hall (Viewer Discretion Advised)


Police in Walnut Creek released video footage of the June 2 shooting of Miles Hall.


  1. Tough to watch and to listen to but I don’t know I would have done anything differently if I had been in their shoes. You just never know how people are going to react. My thoughts are with that family and the officers — who will now go forwsard carrying a big burden the rest of their lives.

  2. Hopeful some smart person is designing the Person Catcher right now — a net or something they can use to stop these pour souls.

  3. Yes very hard to watch but good to know the context and a wise move on the part of the WCPD to show people what happened and what led up to the shooting. Listening to the man threaten his family members was chilling.

  4. Watching the officers work on him. So so tough. Extremly hard to watch but I applaud them for releasing it. We need to know.

  5. A tragic and extremely hard to watch occurrence. I was sweating as I watched it. And in the end I had to ask how many similar scenarios do police encounter every day? Week? Month? I join other s in applauding the police for releasing this and the family for detailing the difficulties their son was facing. Does anyone see a solution ahead?

  6. The police and the mentally ill. It’s asking an awful lot of the police. They’re not psychiatrists or social workers. Unless you’re willing to come to terms with a tragic ending, please think twice before calling the police. They will use force. There is always an ambulance that will transport he or she to a hospital, and they’ll admit to the psyche ward – where he belongs. Very sad for all involved.

  7. Gut wrenching to watch. Kudos to WC police for the training provided their officers and the transparency/accountability exhibited in this video compilation. My condolences to Miles’ family and the officers involved in this traumatic incident. WC PD felt confident releasing this public evidence even before the investigation has concluded. “To protect and to serve”. That confidence in their own integrity and competence stands in stark contrast to how many other PDs operate, imho.

  8. Extremely sad doe the family and all.. I would like to point out the efforts made by the police and the kindness in their voices I for the feeling they really wanted him to pull through and that is something you dont ever see in these situations. Hopefully his family finds some comfort in that . I dont know what I would do if he was my child or if I was one of the officers involved..cant muster any anger just tremendous sadness … tragic ending to what seems like a tortured life..its really unfortunate that after the previous mental health contacts he wasnt given proper treatment for his issues so as to avoid this . Heartbreaking

  9. Hmm. Normally sympathetic to the police. But knowing he had mental health issues, there was no de-escalation and 4 officers on one person with a sharp object. No taser? No shooting at the legs? He was running away from them and 10-15 feet away. This is going to cost the city of Walnut Creek some big $. At least it will serve as a lesson for similar interactions.

    • I saw it differently. I saw a very fast, very determined charge circling in the direction of the officers. I saw someone out of control who was not significantly deterred by the bean bags. I wish they could have used other means to bring him down. Kim G suggested a net to entangle him. Sounds plausible if you had some system to launch it, but how often would you have such specialty devices at hand in the precise situation where it would be useful? I don’t like the outcome. I think we can do better, but I don’t see any liability$ for the city, given current law.

  10. Hard to watch but it explained so much. Can anyone explain how WC can do this while the county or Danville can’t? Is it a matter of civil liability or something else? Just curious because this seemed to explain so much.

  11. I can’t imagine what these people – all of them – are going through. I hope they are getting some help with it.

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