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Motorcyclist Suffers Severe Injuries In Bancroft Road Crash Saturday; Road Closed

Photo: Concord PD

A motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in a crash on Bancroft Way in Walnut Creek Saturday. Police have closed the roadway at Bentley Street to facilitate their investigation into what led up to the crash, reported at about 9:25 a.m.

Bancroft Road remains closed as of this writing (10:44 a.m.) with no word given as to a reopening.

Witnesses at the crash scene said it appeared the rider was receiving life-saving measures at the scene. It was not immediately known what caused the crash.


    • Unfortunately he did not make it. Do you have any additional information? I’m trying to understand what happened please

      • I pulled up right after the accident took place. Looked like a Subaru pulled out in front of him and he had no time to react. Older lady was driving with little boy in back seat going to his baseball game. She told me she didn’t see him and pulled out. Message me on Facebook and I’ll give you more info. I’m so sorry for your loss.

      • We’ve had no official confirmation of his passing but if that is in fact the case we extend our condolences…

  1. I saw the paramedics performing CPR in the street. I’m sorry for your loss. I said a prayer as I was passing the accident.

  2. Dani – so sorry for your loss. We did not witness the accident, but saw the firetruck and paramedics arrive who were doing everything they could to assist. There were many praying for your father.

  3. Thank you to all. He was the greatest father who was recently promoted to grandpa just 2 months ago after I had twin boys. We will miss him so much. If there is any additional information that you can provide to me regarding this, please message me on Facebook. – Dani Elizalde.

  4. Dani-Just to clarify, the original news post was for a motorcycle accident that occurred in the city of Walnut Creek on Bancroft Avenue on Saturday morning . I read about your father’s accident that occurred in Byron, CA on Saturday night, he was flown to Walnut Creek. Just want to make sure you are getting accurate information.

    • Hello. This is the correct article regarding my fathers accident. The other one is incorrect. That one stated that his accident occurred at 10pm when I received a phone call at 11am regarding my fathers passing. He was on his way to work in the morning. Thank you for your concern though, I truly appreciate it

  5. Dear Dani, as well as family and friends of your dad;
    Although I did not see the accident, I was heading down to Mayhew on Bancroft road after it happened, I knew that it must have bad as the whole area was closed off to traffic. I started praying for the situation at that time and I was so saddened to learn of the outcome and how this will effect your family. My heart goes out to you, I will be praying for the Lord’s comfort for you and your family and the friends of your dad!
    Kindest regards,

  6. I drove by again today as I go this way to take my son to basketball practice. I saw there is a nice memorial on the side of the road.

  7. Jesse, were you the one that helped the lady and child out of the car? I was on the corner with you. I kept the kid to the side.

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