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Painted Rock Lives To Be Painted Again; Lamorinda Celebrates Acquisition


John Muir Land Trust will acquire and permanently preserve Painted Rock, the prominent 84-acre hill near the boundary of Moraga and Lafayette. Thousands of local residents made generous donations to The Campaign To Save Painted Rock and are celebrating what will become their newest public open space.

The campaign needed to raise $2 million by a deadline of May 31st. Executive Director of JMLT Linus Eukel reported, “Thanks to the unprecedented and overwhelming support we received, the community put us so close to our $2 million goal that the JMLT Board of Directors authorized this acquisition. We are confident we’ll wrap up the campaign soon.  Painted Rock is loved by the community and this is a huge win for everyone.  We’re thrilled.” To date generous donors in the East Bay have contributed over $1.9 million.

“This outcome would not have been possible without the desire of the owner of the property to see Painted Rock conserved and open to the public,” added Eukel. “On behalf of everyone in the community, JMLT extends a heartfelt thank you for her generosity and commitment to conservation.”


  1. Excellent example of a private fundraising initiative driving private land use preferences! It is incumbent on individuals, not our city officials, to determine whether to preserve or develop our abundant fallow open space.

    Save Lafayette and other NIMBY Nazis should take note: If you want to stymie development on a particular parcel, pony up and purchase it. Polluting the public discourse with misinformation, divisive rhetoric, and defamatory derision to manipulate land use policies and undermine landowners’ rights not only offends basic notions of economic liberty, but it is also antithetical to a harmonious community.

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