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Danville PD Looking For CoEd Car Burglary Crew

Photos: Danville PD

In something of a departure from the usual template of 24/680 Car Burglar, it turns out Danville police are searching for a well-dressed crew who struck at Hap Magee Ranch Park earlier this month – two men and two women

Danville Police are looking for these four individuals in connection with vehicle burglaries earlier this month at Hap Magee Ranch Park. Suspects are pictured using the victim’s credit cards at Alamo and Walnut Creek Safeway stores.

When burglarizing Rome…

Description of the suspects:
Suspect 1 – White male adult, 35-45 yrs old, 6’2″, 190 lb
Suspect 2 – White male adult, 34-45 yrs old, 6’2″, 190 lb (facial hair)
Suspect 3 – Asian female adult, 35-45 yrs old, 5’2″, 120 lbs
Suspect 4 – Female adult, 35-45, 5’4″ yrs old, 140 lbs

Any person with information is asked to contact Detective Arnaudo at (925) 314-3731 or garnaudo@danville.ca.gov


    • 1. Who are “they?”
      2. How did “they” dress before?
      3. What does “dress like us” mean?
      4. How do we “recognize the bad guys?

      Can anyone really so daft as to believe preppy spawn of affluent parents are somehow exempt from miscreant misconduct?

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