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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes At Lafayette Ch-Ch-Chow? Not Really, But It’s Tutu’s Now


People around these parts take their food and restaurants seriously, as we know, and they are quick to sniff out the slightest change.

It has been noted that there are a few changes going on down at Lafayette Chow, that much-favored Bistro With an Eye On Lafayette where the locals go to snuggle, guzzle and ogle.

The restaurant is changing ownership, with a so-far shadowy group called the Lafayette Restaurant Group buying the location and keeping the bill of fare unchanged while morphing into a new personality called Tutu’s. Few people wanted to discuss the changes Wednesday, but workers and some diners say that aside from some logistical issues and a different name on the deed things seem to be staying largely the same.

Our Foodie Radar has been lighting up with inquiries from diners for a couple of weeks now so if you’ve been down to Cho-Tutu’s let us know how things went.


  1. I thought something was happening. There’s a little sign with the name change on the door but that is it.

  2. Who ever the Lafayette Group is they have their work cut out for them. Their menu was in sharp decline the last few times we have visited.

  3. Chow has been in a steady decline since their operations in the city started closing down. The handwriting was on the wall I’m afraid. This sounds like a last gasp. And I’m still calling it chow…. no Tutu for me.

  4. Went yesterday after seeing your story and it was a little strange. The staff doesn’t seem to know how to handle it yet. Hopefully they will be able to adjust. I don’t think the name change was a wise one.

  5. Chow was a great go-to restaurant but it has not been as good the last few years. It felt like the staff and kitchen did not care, and the menu stayed the same. There are a lot of choices in the area; I hope the new owner ups the game.

    • Hey, Nicky, we were keeping J.D. around but he started yelling “Copy!” and “Stop the Presses!” and other old-timey newspaper stuff so we took the Inuit approach and put the old fellow on an ice floe. He should be nearing the exact center of the Bering Sea by now… (yes, he’s still around and kicking up dust!)

  6. Stopped going after the general decline in service others have mentioned. Glad there is no wholesale job loss for now because it is important people stay employed but corporate had lost interest some time ago and was rolling up their locations one by one.

  7. Our inability to park was our first reason for not venturing out to lunch there. The food did not prove to be that big of a draw either. We are going elsewhere these days, and spending our money on only a few carefully selected restaurants.

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