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Bicyclist Severely Injured In Lafayette Crash

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Lafayette police and California Highway Patrol officers have been called to Pleasant Hill Road and Taylor Boulevard after a collision between a motorist and bicyclist left the cyclist with serious injuries Monday night.

The incident, reported at 9:42 p.m., involved a passenger car and the cyclist, with motorists reporting that the cyclist was down on the ground with what appeared to be major injuries.

Officers and emergency responders are still assessing the situation (10:05 p.m.) and road closures are in effect.

We’ll post additional details as we get them.


    • I have also been looking for info on how this bicyclist is doing. On a regular basis, about the same time on Monday nights, I have driven past a bicyclist laboring up the hill right where this accident happened. This bicyclist is always very hard to see. If I recall correctly, he rides with no lights, though I’m not sure that’s even possible.
      It is southbound on Pleasant Hill Rd.,near the place where it joins Taylor. I think it surely must be this person who was hit. So very sad!!! I left a bit later that night, soon after I heard the sirens, and the police had closed the road to traffic.

  1. It could have been worse. It could have been reported by Keith Burbank of KTVU who reported a bicycle accident on hwy 24 today and didn’t know the difference between rode and road and he and they and his and theirs…journalism…language…communication. OMG. He doesn’t even need to open a book to get those right. He just has to want to.

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