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Lafayette PD/Oakland PD Arrest Two Of Four Suspects After Computer Snatch At Downtown Coffeehouse

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Lafayette police investigators, working with Oakland police, have arrested two of four men believed responsible for Tuesday’s brazen theft of computers from patrons at a Peet’s location in downtown Lafayette.

Police sources have said the pair, who have yet to be named, were arrested in Oakland and had outstanding warrants for their arrest from other local law enforcement agencies.

The pair were part of a group of four men believed to have been in the area in search of electronics to steal. Two of the four actually entered the coffeehouse and made off with two Apple computers from customers working inside.

Police said they were able to use city-owned cameras to locate the getaway vehicle and obtain images of the occupants. Lafayette Detectives were able to identify of all the occupants with assistance from Oakland Police. Detectives learned that the registered owner of the vehicle, along with two of the passengers, had active arrest warrants for prior, similar crimes in the City of Berkeley.

By 8:00 p.m., Oakland Police were able to locate the vehicle and detain two of the suspects. Lafayette and Berkeley Police Detectives responded to Oakland and arrested the two suspects. Lafayette Detectives are working with Berkeley Detectives and the investigation is currently active; with two suspects still outstanding. The suspects are not being identified at this time.

Police remarked on the effort of a young patron who, sensing what was happening during the theft, followed the pair to a waiting getaway car and captured photos of the vehicle which he turned over to police.

While police caution passersby/Samaritans against taking such action – they also quietly applauded the teen for his response. This site is withholding the young man’s name for security reasons.

It was not known if the computers taken in yesterday’s robbery were recovered. Police confirmed earlier reports by this site that one of the four men in the vehicle turned on his pursuer – telling him he was armed and advising him to stop.

Precise charges against the two men arrested, and additional details on the arrest itself, are expected soon, according to police sources.


  1. Good job LPD and OPD. I’m glad the young man wasn’t shot. Criminals don’t play, and they shoot to kill. Computers can be replaced. A young man’s life is a different story. That being said, I’m a gutsy person, and I admire this young man’s guts.

  2. That is great – thank you very much LPD and OPD.

    Unfortunately with the pro-criminal laws in effect in CA, I wonder will the robbers see any meaningful legal consequences?

  3. Arrived at the center just after this happened and was grateful to learn what was going on. Pretty crazy. You wouldn’t think it is the type of place thieves would choose.

  4. They have proven they have no right to be with the rest of us. Stone cold predators and they deserve to be in jail.

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