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Walnut Creek BAIT Car Hooks Another Burglar


One thing seems abundantly clear, folks prone to car burglary apparently don’t read NEWS24/680.

We’ve advised readers of the Walnut Creek Police Department’s use of a wired “BAIT Car” designed to record and track burglars intent on taking the vehicle – and of its apparent success in catching the unwary, albeit criminally minded.

Police say their dispatchers were alerted to someone tampering with their car (which for obvious reasons was not described) on Sunday (no time, location provided).

Officers were sent to the area of activation where they located Sean Stuart, no age or hometown given, and he was detained – eventually admitting to the burglary, according to police.

Mr. Stuart was arrested and transported to county jail while Walnut Creek police said the incident serves “as another reminder to criminals not to commit crimes in our city.”


  1. Bait cars are effective. Sadly, I don’t think anything deters a criminal. They commit crimes because they want to, and because they can. It’s what they do for a living.

  2. I’m very glad that they’rebusing a batebcar to catch these criminals. Better the bait car then one of our cars. Apparently the legal system has now allowed this again,because for a while, under protest of the ACLU they stopped using bate cars saying that they were unfairly trapping minorities kids. I’m glad we’re returning to some common sense now.

    • Don’t pay any attention to the ACLU. They’re radical whack jobs. Even a friend of mine (who is the left but not the far left) says “they’re open minded to the point where their brains have fallen out.”

    • That link is actually pretty sad. Yeah, he’s a thief, but there are also a few kids that call him “daddy.”

      Hope he straightens his stuff out and can give them what they deserve from their father.

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