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BAIT Car Burglary Arrest Breaks Up The Party In Walnut Creek


We’ve written about the variety of new gadgets local police departments are bringing to law enforcement in their respective jurisdictions and some of them appear to be working pretty well – including a tracker and camera-equipped bait car currently in use by Walnut Creek PD.

You may have seen some of the videos generated in towns where the car are utilized and some are alternately scary or profoundly funny as they give police – and viewers – insight into the criminal mind. Or what passes for it. (The attached video is, obviously, not of a local theft – but it was interesting to get a sense of the kids’ priorities and romantic side as they’re being taken into custody).

Apparently, Walnut Creek police got a ping on a BAIT vehicle they have in play in the “early hours” of April 13, the vehicle’s tracking device leading officers to the area of the Embassy Suites at 1345 Treat Boulevard.

A review of a local surveillance camera revealed that the break-in had been caught on video and a 17-year-old suspect was identified and subsequently located in a room at the hotel – where he was “accompanied by numerous friends.”

Officers put a damper on the party by placing the juvenile under arrest for burglary and seized the opportunity to remind potential offenders that they have some high-tech tools at their disposal and that they know how to use them.


  1. Nice. Bait cars are effective. Didn’t know WC was using them. But it is hard to plead not guilty in court when the da has tape of you hot starting the Escalade.

  2. Bait cars are effective. These kids have zero street cred. The kiss “sealed the deal.” This is an arrest, not the senior prom at the St. Francis…

  3. “I know what you’re thinking punk… did you order 2 big macs or 3? But seeing as this is a double mac and cheese, the unhealthiest sandwich on the face of the planet, you got to ask yourself: what does it matter if I did eat 1? Or 2? Now wipe the mustard off your fingers and give me those hands…..”

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