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Lafayette Mayor Cam Burks Steps Down; Will Retain City Council Seat

Photo: City of Lafayette

From the City of Lafayette:

At the conclusion of last night’s Lafayette City Council meeting, Mayor Cam Burks announced that he would be stepping down as mayor, effective April 20. He will, however, remain on the Council for the rest of his term. Cam expressed his appreciation to staff for all of their work during his tenure, and said he was leaving to devote more time to his family and to a new professional opportunity in the Bay Area.

Mayor Burks said, “Starting this endeavor successfully, along with my primary commitment of being an actively present and supportive dad and husband (the most important value in my life), are absolutely huge.”

He went on to say, “Our Mayor should be able to commit to the position 100-plus percent (of which my past Mayor colleagues have done so ably), and I just won’t be able to do this given these circumstances.”

The Mayor added, “It has been a sincere honor and a privilege to serve Lafayette — and certainly the most rewarding four months I’ve had in public service.”

“I’m profoundly thankful to my Council Colleagues, City Staff and community for the unbelievable support (and fun!). I intend to remain fully engaged and will complete my term as a Councilmember through 2020,” he said.

You can watch Mayor Burks’s statement on the City of Lafayette’s YouTube channel in this video of the meeting (Timecode 3:21:30): https://youtu.be/sFo6M9BqUVA.


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