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“Welcome Back, Engine 16!” – Con Fire Crew Returns To Lafayette After 6-Year Absence

The crew of Engine 16, newly returned to the streets of Lafayette, poses in front of their temporary quarters at Fire Station 15. Pictured, from right, Fire Captain Paul Lyons, Firefighter Drew Rozner, and Engineer Keith Clay

After a six-plus year absence, Con Fire Engine 16 is once again serving the people of the City of Lafayette and surrounding communities. Back in service in anticipation of the opening of the new Fire Station 16 on Los Arabis Drive later this spring, Engine 16 and crew are temporarily operating out of Fire Station 15 in Lafayette.

Con Fire administrators said Fire Station 16 will be strategically located in northwestern Lafayette to help better protect this area, with its combination of dense residential construction, hilly terrain and heavy vegetation, from the threat of wildland fires such as those experienced in neighboring counties in recent years.

When completed, Fire Station 16 will represent a big step towards regaining capacity lost by the district during the great recession. It will consist of a single bay for Engine 16, as well dormitories and support facilities for its three-firefighter crew.

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