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Information Scarce On Apparent Street Robbery, Shooting In Walnut Creek Sunday


Little is known about what callers say was a violent street crime in downtown Walnut Creek Sunday night, a victim shot after two men demanded his watch near Union Bank on Mt. Diablo Boulevard.

Walnut Creek Police Lt. Tracy Reese said investigators are currently working through the crime, which occurred at around 9:50 p.m. Sunday and came to police attention moments later after the victim was dropped off at Kaiser Hospital on S. Main Street.

The unidentified victim was later transferred John Muir Medical Center, Reese said, where he was treated for the minor gunshot wound and later released.

The suspects were described only as two black male adults in their early 30s. It was not immediately known if they fled the area on foot or by car. Officers reportedly found a shell casing while processing the scene for evidence Sunday night.

Street robberies of this type are not totally unheard of in the 24/680, with thieves stealing valuable timepieces from their owners in Danville and attempting to rob a Walnut Creek store specializing in antique timepieces in April, 2017.


    • last month we witnessed an apparent drug deal gone bad right in downtown Walnut Creek thank goodness the police swooped in within 5 minutes. It made us realize the Walnut Creek is not the same town it was! In the last 3 years it seems to have changed more than in the preceding 20 yeas. . Not all good in our opinion, it’s actually become a very rude snippy town…. With hoity-toity millennials with their noses in the air atl one end and some scary looking hards in the other. We now avoid the place it’s best we can.

      • Greg – Your derision of my hometown lacks any nexus to reality. Your use of this horrific assault as an opportunity to spew baseless nonsense speaks to a deeply flawed character.

        The crime rate in Walnut Creek has trended steadily down since the 21st century peak in 2004-05. The rate of assaults plunged 30% between 2005 and 2007 (127.2 per 100k vs 90), and burglaries are down over 55% since 2005.

        In all events, I appreciate you avoiding Walnut Creek.


  1. Around 9:50 p.m.??? We were down there – not in the immediate area but close. Didn’t hear a thing. Wow.

    • We’re hoping for sale of some good food to hungry people but if you mean the police activity out there about now we believe there was a robbery/theft with a man fleeing the store and police chasing him down near Carter’s Baby? and taking him into custody. Lots of police still on scene apparently, looking for something he may have jettisoned prior to the chase.

  2. Antioch/Pittsburg are turning into Stockton.. Concord is turning into Antioch… Walnut Creek is turning into Concord

    More urban development = more people = more crime

  3. Is it odd that no one called police when this first happened. I guess Kaiser called police once they saw they were dealing with a gunshot injury? We don’t spend as much time downtown as we used to because there are some sketchy types out and about at times, but this seems pretty out of character for the area – or is it?

  4. Are things really changing or are criminals from outside the area learning that some of us have nice things and that we make pretty soft targets?

    • The audacity of criminals is changing. They’re more and more brazen. I moved to WC almost two years ago. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and everyone has always been aware WC had the “nice things” you speak of. That being said, since moving out here, I’m FLOORED by the degree of ignorance my city mates have exhibited regarding their personal safety. I hate to even come off as if I’m victim-blaming, but people need to get real honest about changing trends and climate. Criminals salivate over enclaves like this. Enclaves where people have a false sense of security. To the point where they leave their front doors and windows unlocked, garage doors open all times of the day, leave their purses and shopping bags on unattended chairs, and store laptops on the backseat of their unlocked vehicles. Since moving here, my neighbors garage was burglarized. The keep their garage open 24/7. Well one night, some trolling thieves found their way to their property and walked away with a nice serving of power tools and bicycles. And guess what, they STILL keep their garage door open all times of the day. Criminals are opportunists. And there’s plenty of opportunity here. It’s a dog eat dog world out here. The income, education, and housing crevice continues to widen. No excuses for a life of crime, but those of us who have, need to do our part to increase our personal safety and the safety of our belongings.

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