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“What’d I See?” – Active Shooter Call Brings San Ramon Police On The Run Monday


Ed. Note: We covered this one as it was happening and believe we were able to keep things in check though folks were definitely on edge this afternoon. If you want the news as it’s breaking sign up for our Flash Alerts (available through the link at the top of our site). All’s well that ends well:

On February 25, at 12:04 pm, the San Ramon Valley 911 Communication Center received a call reporting an Active Shooter incident inside Bishop Ranch 1, which is in the 6000 block of Bollinger Canyon Road. San Ramon Police Department personnel immediately responded and within three minutes, multiple officers entered the building in an attempt to assess the situation and respond as needed for the protection of life. Officers quickly learned that no shooting had occurred and everyone was safe.  

There was no malicious intent by the caller reporting this incident, but several factors occurred simultaneously that led to this incident being reported as it was. This incident is a good reminder for police and citizens to work together for the safety of all.  

Thank you to all the citizens involved who assisted our personnel and helped our agency handle this call quickly and efficiently. 

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