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San Ramon Police Release Additional Details On Attempted Abduction Of 13-Year-Old Girl


Ed. Note: Additional details released by San Ramon PD of incident first reported via our Flash Alert system Friday:

On Friday, February 22, 2019, at approximately 6:05 p.m. the parents of a 13-year old female juvenile reported that their daughter had been the victim of an attempted kidnapping. 

The victim was walking in the 500 block of Fallen Leaf Circle (a residential neighborhood) at approximately 5:30 p.m., when an Asia Indian male driving a white 4-door vehicle (possibly a Nissan Rogue or Versa) pulled up alongside the victim and told her, “Your dad asked me to pick you up and drop you off at your house.”  The victim declined to get into the vehicle after the suspect opened the door for her (from the inside, still seated in the driver seat).  The male then reached across the vehicle and attempted to grab hold of the victim by her clothing but was unsuccessful.  The victim ran away and hid in some nearby bushes until she saw that the suspect had left the area.  The victim immediately phoned her parents and was unharmed.  Officers from the San Ramon Police searched the area extensively, but were unable to locate the suspect or the suspect vehicle.  

The suspect is described as an Asia Indian male between 35-50 years old.  The victim said he has a dark complexion with a light blue circle around one of his eyeballs (between the white portion and the iris), shaggy hair and a mustache.  The suspect was said to speak with an Asia Indian accent and had a lisp.  He was wearing a grayish blue shirt (with a white Nike logo on it) and a black hooded jacket.  The victim also said the suspect was wearing a ring on his right hand with a design of two overlapping snakes.

The suspect vehicle is described by the victim as possibly a white Nissan 4-door hatchback (similar to a Rogue or Versa) with dark tinted back passenger windows and a yellow star (containing a smiley face) on the front windshield.  A partial license plate was provided as 7HM….6.

The San Ramon Police Department would like to remind parents to always maintain an open dialogue regarding child safety with their children.  Parents can get information to help their children HERE and HERE and at the San Ramon Police Department website.  

The San Ramon Police Department is actively investigating this crime.  Anyone having any information pertaining to this described incident is encouraged to contact the San Ramon Police Department at (925) 973-2779.


  1. Hello, Charles… we had a VERY thin description Friday night, so thin we felt that releasing the info would/could do more harm than good. Glad we waited. This girl provided a very detailed description of this man.

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