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UC Berkeley Police Investigating Armed Robbery/Carjacking At Grizzly Peak And Fish Ranch Road Monday Night


UC Berkeley campus police are investigating an armed robbery at Grizzly Peak and Fish Ranch Road Monday, with four men robbing their victims of their wallets, personal belongings and a car at gunpoint – one man firing a shot in the process.

At about 10:31pm on February 18, UC Berkeley campus police received a report of an armed carjacking/ robbery off of Grizzly Peak Blvd. The Victims stated a firearm was used by one of the suspects during the robbery and the firearm was discharged in the air to gain quick compliance from the victims.

The victims told officers one suspect held the firearm while three other suspects assaulted the victims and robbed them of their cell phones and keys to their vehicle. The suspects fled the scene southbound on Grizzly Peak Blvd in the victim’s carjacked vehicle and the original suspect vehicle all the suspects arrived in. One of the victim’s received minor injuries during the incident. None of the victims were UC Berkeley students.

UCPD Officers arrived on Grizzly Peak Blvd and started an investigation into the armed robbery and carjacking. UCPD Officers learned the victim’s phone was tracked to a location in the city of Oakland and coordinated with Oakland Police Officers to detain a suspect in the area. UCPD Officers responded to the city of Oakland and conducted a more thorough follow up investigation that resulted in more robbery suspects being detained.

Victims of the armed robbery and carjacking later positively identified three detained suspects as involved in the robbery including the suspect who fired the gun in the air.

UCPD located and recovered the victim’s vehicle that was taken in the carjacking in the city of Oakland. There is still one outstanding suspect in this robbery case.


  1. I don’t think there is anything “fishy” about this story. People get robbed up there all the time. I remember it being a problem in the 70s.

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