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Canyon Bridge Closed To Pedestrian Traffic – Still Open For Cars And Bikes


On Wednesday, the Town was notified by EBMUD that the existing landslide on EBMUD property had begun to move due to the heavy rain saturation.  Town staff and both bridge and geotechnical engineers have been evaluating and monitoring the situation and the Town’s experts have determined that the temporary Canyon Bridge is safe.  The newly built retaining wall system for the temporary bridge is working as designed and is deflecting the landslide and protecting the bridge.  

However, the pedestrian pathway structure that is attached to the temporary bridge could be compromised if further landslide movement occurs.  The Town is working to arrange for excavation services to relieve ground pressure at the landing of the pedestrian pathway structure to prevent damage.  As a precautionary measure, pedestrian access on the bridge is closed.  The Town has also notified the East Bay Regional Park District and requested that the portion of the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail between the bridge and the Valle Vista Staging Area also be closed.

The temporary Canyon Bridge remains open for both vehicle and bicycle traffic.  Town staff will continue to monitor the situation.


  1. There’s some pretty intimidating red lights and yellow tape at the bridge. Still, without a powerful Wall, I still see “pedestrians” crossing Moraga Creek into the sanctuary oasis of Canyon. We don’t know where these people come from or what the hell is going on! Finish the Wall!

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