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Twisty Pursuit Along Highway 24 Ends With Arrests In Lafayette Thursday

Photo: Paul H. Kamian

Police in Lamorinda are backtracking and tallying up events after a wild, 100mph pursuit along Highway 24 ended with two women being arrested at gunpoint on Acalanes Road at Fiora Place Thursday.

We’re not precisely sure what drew police attention to a late-model, white Chevy Impala running east on Highway 24 at about 11:20 a.m. – whether it was the vehicle’s speed or its paper license plates – but officers soon found themselves involved in a 100mph pursuit through Lamorinda and, briefly, into Walnut Creek before it turned back toward Lafayette and its occupants eventually abandoned the car there.

Police detained two women, reportedly from outside the immediate area and possibly with arrest warrants, at 11:55 a.m. after the pair abandoned their car and were confronted by police at gunpoint.

Neighbors report a helicopter providing overwatch above the scene and officers were busy compiling a list of offenses reported by civilians caught up in events. At least one officer reportedly had to take evasive action after the driver of the car allegedly steered in his direction.

We’ll have more on this story as additional details emerge.


  1. When these criminals go thru our justice system, it sure would be nice if they posted the results of trial..or judge sentencing as public information on each criminal. If a criminal is guilty then their sentencing should be public information

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