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DUI Incidents Pile Up In The 24/680 Overnight – And Elvis Crashes Hard

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In a busy, somewhat wacky start to the California Highway Patrol’s pre-stated Maximum Enforcement Period officers report bagging a few folks who were stopped at a CHP checkpoint while driving half in the bag Friday night – but then things really got hard to understand.

Officers made two arrests for DUI at the their checkpoint (fair warning and location of said checkpoint given by the CHP beforehand), but beat cars ended up arresting four more impaired drivers – including 31-year-old Elvis Fleming after Elvis embarked on a wrong-way run down I680 until he crashed into an unimpaired motorist early Saturday morning.

Fleming, who subsequently proved impaired, allegedly failed to pull over when CHP units ran a traffic break to stop him as he was driving south in the northbound lanes of 680 near Treat Blvd. Fleming crashed into an innocent motorist who was going the correct direction, according to the CHP, but there were no major injuries. Fleming was later arrested.

Unfortunately, a second impaired driver crashed into another driver caught in the backup caused by Elvis’ wrong-way run, and the second driver was also taken into custody. All totaled up, according to CHP Officer Sean Wilkenfeld, officers made a total of eight DUI arrests from 6 p.m. last night to 6 a.m. this morning.

This after the CHP notified the public of their intent to conduct a sobriety checkpoint, gave the location of said checkpoint, and made it clear that they were looking for folks driving with their beer and whisky goggles on.

As Officer Wilkenfeld said: “Let’s all try to make some better decisions tonight… Please.”  

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