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Car Burglars Working Double Shifts – Including This Guy In San Ramon

Photo: San Ramon PD

We’re receiving multiple reports of car burglaries throughout the 24/680 in recent days, with multiple thefts taking place in specific parking lots and others in more out of the way locations – trailheads are a favorite ’cause they know you’ll be gone for a bit and away from your car.

We’ve written about this and try not to be repetitive but the hits just keep on coming so we’ll just keep on typing.

Police in San Ramon say this gentleman broke into a car parked in the Safeway lot on San Ramon Valley Boulevard about 5 p.m. last night, making off with about $4,500 in electronics, according to investigators.

The suspect in this case was captured on a nearby security camera. He was seen driving a 4-door silver Honda Accord. He has long braided hair and was wearing a beanie and black coat at the time of the break-in, police said.


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  2. Your facebook page is filled with reports from people who have been victimized. Are they calling the police?

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