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Package Pirates Ramp Up Operations

Photo: Danville PD

The Danville Police Department is looking for information on a suspect in connection with a package theft that occurred earlier today.

At approximately 2:59 pm this afternoon (Nov 27, 2018), Danville police responded to Old Orchard Ct in the Sycamore neighborhood for a report of a package theft.

The suspect in the theft is described as a white male, average height/weight, wearing a gray zip up sweater, black pants, and sunglasses.

The suspect is seen on surveillance video walking up to the front door and taking a package from the doorstep before walking away.

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact Sgt. Ron Hoekwater at (925) 314-3703 or rhoekwater@Danville.ca.gov.


    • We did, Bob, and thanks. Building quite a “Rogues Gallery.” Lots of submissions lately and more on the way, we fear.

  1. A very preventable crime. If you haven’t learned by now how to stay on top of your tracking number, and not leave packages on your porch all day – you don’t have any common sense. And you have nobody to blame but yourself. Law enforcement has real crimes to solve.

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