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Updated Election Results: Voter Turnout At 62.2 Percent For This Election


Results from the November 6th General Election have been updated on the Contra Costa Elections website. You can view them here.

Voter turnout is now at 62.2 percent for this election. Also, the Contra Costa Elections Division has processed nearly 2.3 million ballot cards to this point.

The Elections Division estimates that there are about 10,000 Vote-By-Mail ballots left to process, along with 25,000 Provisionals and 1,000 Conditional Voter Registrations.


  1. 53 to US House from California. If Cisneros holds his lead, only 8 will be Republicans, including Duncan Hunter who is currently under felony indictment. It’s SHRINKING!

    • What we need in California is more minority representation in Congress. The ruling class control 85% of our house delegation, and yet are only 44% percent of the population. This is anti-democratic and must end. Of course, I am talking about the Democratic party. Since all politics appear to be national, maybe it’s time for “cumulative voting” in CA for the House. And, while we’re at it, porportionate election of Electors for POTUS. One person, one vote–right?

      • “What we need in California is more minority representation in Congress.” By that I understand you to mean more old white guys because the Republican party is becoming almost exclusively a club for old white MEN, lost in a by-gone era. The party is not shrinking because the rest of us don’t understand how good its ideas are. Quite the contrary.
        If you want choice, build a new party on fresh ideas.

      • The election of the president is absolutely not one person, one vote. Never has been. An individual state, especially a populous one like California, would have to be crazy to unilaterally move to proportionate allocation of electors.

        I’d be very happy to move to a popular, non state-based method but it’s not likely to ever happen.

  2. Our SoCal friends voted for a Republican under felony indictment, and he won. He has been spending other peoples’ money for himself and his family. That is not only improper, it is likely illegal. What do you suppose his vision for America is? What is his notion of service?

  3. So hard to talk politics right now. I suppose the Pre… the Presss… the P… Trump is here to throw rakes at the Camp Fire survivors. The guy is just so…. so…. oh to hell with it. Can’t do this right now.

  4. My gentle mother threw her hairbrush at the television this morning when they started talking about Monica Lewinsky. turning off the tv right now.

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