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Lafayette Police Detain Two, Arrest One After Brief Pursuit And Crash Saturday

Photo: Lafayette PD

Lafayette Police Chief Benjamin Alldritt on Tuesday confirmed our earlier account of a brief pursuit and car crash on Acalanes Road Saturday night.

Two suspects were detained after a “gray colored BMW vehicle with paper plates matching the description of the suspect vehicle seen in video surveillance 24 hours prior” fled at high speed from a Lafayette officer working auto burglary suppression downtown at 6:41 p.m. Saturday night, Alldritt wrote in response to a question from this site.

The chief said his officer attempted to stop the BMW but that its  driver “immediately” drove off at high speed, driving west on Mt. Diablo Boulevard before the unidentified operator lost control of the car and crashed north of the Acalanes Road and Mt. Diablo Boulevard  intersection.

Officers took one person out of the car at gunpoint while firefighters worked to extricate a second occupant briefly trapped in the wreckage. The driver, identified by police as Isaac De Jesus Chavez Ramos, 20, of Oakland, was later arrested and booked into jail, according to Alldritt, his charges stemming from the night’s pursuit and ten prior auto burglaries the department said had been reported in the last six days.


  1. Well, if they refuse to work for a living like the rest of us – I hope they enjoy Thanksgiving in jail. Where they belong. I hope they serve green bologna like Sherriff Joe. This soft on crime in CA needs to END.

  2. Ten burglaries in six days? I’d hate to see these folks enter the legitimate work force – who can keep up with productivity like that???

  3. When I first read the paper plates law that will go into effect Jan. 2019, I was looking forward to it. Until I thought about it. They’ll just go back to stealing license plates and registration tags like they used to. We’re all at risk for that, even those of us who are wise enough to park our cars in the garage at night. And not ever leave anything in our vehicles.

    Sadly, crime does pay. Until you’re caught.

    • Park our cars in our garage at night? I just read in a local Facebook group that we’d better not do that in case of a rapidly spreading wildfire causing a power outage which could lead to some people being unable to open their garage doors. We are doomed if we do, doomed if we don’t.

      Personally, I’m buying a helicopter and commuting around town that way. No plates to steal, won’t be trapped in the garage during a fire. Of course, parking it at Safeway might be hassle, so everybody make room!

      Nevertheless, Danielle makes a good point.

  4. To park my car in my garage at night I would need to dismantle my husband’s wood shop :). Nothing to do with smart or not. I do believe that in a booming economy, many choose crime over work…but there is a wide road between the best in enforcement and the awfulness of sheriff joe who is a true racist.

    • He keeps people out of jail, and he doesn’t enable criminals. If they don’t like his policy – quit committing crimes. And cars belong in the garage. They call it a two or three car garage for a reason. Keeping your cars on the street is foolish, and it drives up insurance rates. It has everything to do with being smart. Your car will stay in better condition, and it won’t get broken into overnight. This isn’t breaking news.

  5. If they want it bad enough they’re going to get it and keeping it in a garage doesn’t seem to help much if the stories I see are any indication.

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