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Lengthy Standoff Ends Peacefully In Pacheco Sunday

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A 24-year-old Pacheco man is in custody after allegedly barricading himself inside a mobile home and threatening to “start shooting” following an argument with his mother Sunday evening.

The incident, first reported at 4:50 p.m. at the Cascade Mobile Home Park in unincorporated Contra Costa County, triggered a SWAT response as negotiators attempted to talk the man out of his residence. Heavily armed officers responded to the area in an attempt to seal it off, with neighbors reporting a Bearcat armored car on the street outside.

The subject finally surrendered just before midnight, police said, and he was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on a variety of charges.

There was no word on whether a firearm was recovered from the residence.


  1. Whenever I read articles like this, I think of a gentleman I worked with years ago. “I’ll never own a gun. I might use it.” I keep an even keel when it comes to gun ownership. I understand both sides. But I will never forget that statement. It was one of the most “eye opening” things anyone has ever said to me. As I look back, I’m glad we got along very well…

    • Yes. Another one we remember was: “Once the bullet leaves the barrel, you can’t take it back…” That one always stuck with us.

  2. It’s almost like people want their fifteen seconds of fame before they go out in a blaze of “glory.” It seems like it is happening more and more often — and the country is getting used to it. And shrugging.

  3. It wasnt my “mommys” fault like what you guys think grow up just because you grew up with your parents paying for everything dont think thats how it was. You guys know nothing

      • Gee yheah I thought we were going to get your side of things here. “You guys just don’t know the trouble I seen….” Hopefully you get stuff together. No one likes having their neighborhood sealed off by a swat team.

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