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NOTHING Burning In Contra Costa – 24/680 Covered In Smoke From Northern Fires

Photo: "Along Highway 4," Abigail Esch

We think we’re getting the word out about all that smoke you folks are seeing in the 24/680 – please be assured it is NOT coming from anything burning here. All of this smoke has been attributed to a 2-alarm fire in Solano County and another a bit further north.

Again, we’re good on the fire front, though our Air Quality is sucky at the moment.

For those of you who called or wrote (more than 250 so far this morning) we apologize for the delay in getting back to you but we were trying to get the word out by Flash Alert, etc.

Stay well, keep in touch (nice talking with you all!) and Go Niners! (They play today, right? Right!)


    • Oddly enough, we’re getting reports of people seizing the opportunity to burn trash and move some leaves and dust around with those “Satan’s Whistles.” Don’t ask us why.

  1. ICKY, CHUNKY AND NASTY out there… hope you guys get home for some of the game.
    Thanks for reporting in. You are our best source of info so stay safe and hydrated!

    • “Icky, Chunky, and Nasty” – sounds like one of those 80s rap acts! Thanks for the nice thought… made it back to the bunker in time to find it occupied by a cadre of WWII vets, watching the game and regaling each other with stories about their exploits during “The Big One.” Except for the meringue-like consistency of our air it’s a great Sunday! Whip up some pesto tonight for din dins!

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